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Yuri George Jan Pool, was born in the small town of Schagen, The Netherlands on September 8, 1976. He became a musician at the age of 11 years old when given a guitar by his mother[1].

He started his first band at a high school in Singapore at the tender age of 15, which allowed him to play at every assembly held monthly. Keeping The Beatles as a major influence, Yuri recorded an all-original album called Out Of Thin Air in 2000. He joined the Cavern Beatles of Liverpool in England in 2006 and in the same year, played with former Billy Joel bass player Larry Russell at a concert in New York City named Beatlestock. In July 2007, Yuri supported Mariah Carey at a concert in Moscow on her European leg of her tour. Internationally praised and known for his accurate vocal representation of Paul McCartney, he now lives in London, Ontario as the frontman for The McCartney Years.

On January 30 2009, Yuri and his band played on the roof of a downtown coffee house in London, Ontario to commemorate The Beatles last live performance 40 years earlier in England. The concert drew such a large crowd that streets were blocked, and buses has to be rerouted.[2][3][4]

On April 5, 2009, Yuri was awarded a Jack Richardson Music Award in the Fan Favourite category[5].


  • 2009 Jack Richardson Music Award (Fan Favourite Category)


  • 2009 London Music Award (Category 15: Favourite Pop Artist/Group)


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