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Yarnall House is a community living space at Haverford College.

Location and Layout

It's located post-campus, [via the footbridge]. It has three floors, two for living and one for storage, and a basement, which is locked to students and said to be haunted by serial killers.


The living room features the largest HD blu-ray viewing screen on campus. On the first floor there is also the Poop Bathroom, praised for both its capacity and accoustics. Residents are treated to by-daily fish stick fumigations and Domino's delivery every hour on the hour.

First Floor

Two of the three first-floor bedrooms are kept as conceptual art installations/historical interpretive centers attempting to preserve dorm life in 2k8-2k9. The third is inhabited by two professional Emily Dickinson/Vestal Virgin impersonators who wear virginal dressing gowns to symbolize their chastity, and constantly write poetry only to emerge when a bottle of brown liquor or chicken finger/strip/nuggy is left in front of the door.

Second Floor

There are five bedrooms on the second floor, three doubles and two singles.

First Floor/Second Floor Rivalry

Although not officially recognized by Yarnall inhabitants, the ratio of hotness to floor has been heavily debated by other Haverford students. Although the general opinion seems to rest as 1st floor > 2nd floor, or First Floor:Hot::Second Floor:Not[1], the matter is to be debated until consensus is reached at the next plenary.


Although lists the theme for the 2k8-2k9 year to be Creative Writing and Performance House, Yarnall is also known on campus by some popular pseudonyms/monikers. They include: Art House, Drug Haus, Most Bangeable Living Space, Popularity Home, and The Pizza Hut.


Although students sign a contract with the administration to live as a "quiet space," Yarnall has been host to a few parties, notably:
-80's Dance pre-game (September 2k8)
-Halloween pre-game/Oktoberfest (October 2k8)
-Let's All Watch The Vice-Presidential Debates Party (Late October 2k8)
-Plaid Party (Sweet November 2k8)
-Do Drugs In The Kitchen Party (Four Days in Mid-December 2k8)
-Secret Santa Gift Exchange (December 2k8)
-?????? (2k9-?)

Notable Alumni

-All 4 members of the core band Wanker's Claw[2]
-Mary Christmas[3]

Secession From Haverford College

In late winter/early spring/_twitterpatting season_ 2k9, Yarnall House seceded from Haverford College in response to John Francone's refusal to replace all Powerade taps with Sparks taps in the Dining Center. At 'press time' Yarnall residents' only comments were "H8 yall" from most and "miss yall" from a few.


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