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Vol?e Air Flight 180 is a fictional flight in the film Final Destination. The flight routinely flies from John F. Kennedy International Airport near New York City to Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris, France. The flight featured at the beginning of the film; most of the flight and subsequent crash was based on the real life crash of TWA Flight 800.

Final Destination takes place on Long Island.[1] Locations such as Jones Beach and John F. Kennedy International Airport are shown. Nassau County is mentioned. However, Vancouver International Airport stood in for JFK.[2].

Accident Flight

Among the passengers are 39 high school students from Mount Abraham High School and their four chaperones. The departure time of Flight 180, 9:25, is the same as one of the passengers, Alexander Chance "Alex" Browning (Devon Sawa)'s birthday, September 25. Before boarding the plane, Alex takes note of the gate number: 46. The same number of people who would have died had Alex not have gotten his vision. As Alex steps over a six-inch gap heading onto the plane, he notices a cart with three red 9's, but from above, they look as if they could be an ominous number: 666. Shortly after take-off, the entire plane explode. One side of the plane is torn away, ripping several passengers with it into the motors as everyone else is roasted by the explosion.

The true prediction

Several minutes before takeoff, Alex, has a premonition of the plane's explosion. He causes a minor uproar, and he gets himself thrown off the plane along with his best friend, Tod Wagner (Chad Donella), soon to be his girlfriend, Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), Carter Horton (Kerr Smith) and his girlfriend, Terry Chaney (Amanda Detmer), Billy Hitchcock (Seann William Scott) and Ms. Valerie Lewton (Kristen Cloke). Alex is soon proved to be correct when Flight 180 explodes as predicted. As seen in the first film, the survivors soon learn that Alex's vision went against the death's design, which is not just a biological event but a nearly conscious force that causes people to die at a predetermined time. The survivors begin dying in the order they would have on Flight 180 (depending on the seating arrangement and a small diagram displayed on the news which explained how the engine exploded, which brought together the death order and seating) and he sets out to save them, which becomes the plot of the Final Destination.


Several days later, the National Transportation Safety Board rules that metal fatigue had deteriorated silicon insulation on an electrical connector to the plane's scavenge pump, sparking electrical wires in a fluid line. This ignited a fuel tank in the fuselage and caused the explosion.

Number 180

Despite its total destruction within the first few minutes of the film, the plane’s predestined effects allows Flight 180 to serve as a MacGuffin, and a Chekhov's Gun — evidenced by the death-related imagery in the pre-flight part of the film. Later in the series, the plane's flight number appears extremely frequently, and the characters occasionally associate it with the flight and take it as a bad omen. Appearances in the second film, Final Destination 2 include a car crash at mile marker 180 on a back road that leads to the death of three survivors, which happens after an electronic construction sign that reads NEXT 180 FEET. In the second film when Kim just saw the premonition she saw a sign that said "Next 180" the same sign is seen in the third film. As well as in the third film in which the ID on the subway is 081, becoming 180 in the reflection of the train’s windows before crashing. More examples include a large neon sign that reads Le Miro 81. When it falls apart, it swings backwards and hits Carter. From behind, the last letters read 18 o.

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