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Hikaru Utada's untitled third English (eighth overall) studio album is slated to be released in 2008. She stated in her personal blog that she was currently working on both her upcoming Japanese and English albums simultaneously and she was at New York in September 2007. She had been busy creating demos for new tracks at home.[1][2] Utada mentioned in an interview that before she has a tour for her fifth and most recent Japanese studio album, Heart Station, she needed to finish work on this album and had already well-begun work on it.[3] On May 8,2008, Utada updated her blog mentioning that she was in New York the previous week for music-releated work. While no details were yet revealed as of the post, it is readily apparent that she has begun steady streamed production for her upcoming second (excluding Precious) English album.[4] On her blog for May 23, 2008, she again confirmed she'd been busy writing new lyrics and songs, likely for this release.[5].

It is currently unknown if her most recent English language song, Sanctuary (accredited to her as "Utada") will be included on this album. Sanctuary was used as the theme song for the International release of the videogame Kingdom Hearts II, but unlike her previous Kingdom Hearts collaboration, Simple And Clean (accredited as "Utada Hikaru"), Sanctuary was accredited to her simply as "Utada" (her US stage name), leading to speculation that it could possibly be included in this album. In addition, an unknown version of "Sanctuary" was previewed on in early 2006, but was never released. "Sanctuary", as of May 2008, has received no sort of official release on CD or for download from Utada herself, whereas Simple and Clean was released as a part of her Colors single on January 29, 2003.

A song called Apple and Cinnamon, rumored to be included in the upcoming album, had appeared on Utada's page on the BMI website. It has since been removed for an unknown reason.



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