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Tich Saund was born Tajinder Singh Saund in East London April 1967 to an Indian father from Punjab and an Indian mother from Kenya. The youngest and smallest of seven children (hence the nickname "Tich"), he grew up within the tough streets of Manor Park, East London. At the age of ten came the unexpected death of his elder brother who unfortunately didn't pull through an operation on his heart. His brother was 21 and had only just graduated as a silversmith apprentice to Queen Elizabeth II personal jeweler Mr Stuart Devlin. His family was devastated and subsequently shortly after left London and moved to Old Harlow in Essex. A new start and a new school gave Tich the grounding and freedom to flex his artistic and social integrity even though he was primarily the only Asian in a predominantly White Caucasian school and town, this of course wasn't easy and came with continued color prejudice and discrimination from both fellow students and teachers alike. Not being one to suffer racial taunts or bigotry through what was then the 1980's, he persevered and gained a sense of respect and admiration, paving the way for new Asian and Black ethnic minorities to succeed within the town. During his education at Mark Hall Comprehensive school he excelled in the arts and particularly loved drama, but never thought a career could be possible within the entertainment industry so followed a career in Construction, Engineering and even a short spell as a solider in the British Army.


It wasn't until the age of 25 while at a friend's wedding, Tich got noticed by a film directer called Navin Thapar. He was asked to audition for the part of Harry in a short 35mm film called "Tooting Lions (1993)", a modern day Bollywood/London gangster flick. It was then that Tich caught the bug and began his career as an actor. Snapped up by the talent agent T.I.C. He auditioned and worked for many production companies and film makers, some including Luc Besson for "Judge Dread (1995)", Udayan Prasad and Danny Cannon. Two of the most notable was the film "Animal (1994)" directed by Sarah Schofield and a British flick "Brothers in Trouble (1995)" directed by Udayan Prasad where he starred along side Indian actor Om Puri and British actor Kulvinder Ghir. Acting was a tough career to follow and decided to diversify into directing and screenwriting. He enrolled into the Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design where he studied film production but towards the end of the course was kicked out of college for attacking a fellow student and thus never graduated. His passion grew and his addiction for the cinematic industry lead him into full-time screenwriting of which "Chocaholic", "Dead Columbian", "A Student Life for me" were some of his most acclaimed work. Actors that he is known to be connected with are Ray Winstone, Brian Croucher, Martin Herdman, Geoff Bell, Robert Carlisle. Despite his brilliance in Film Directing and Screenwriting, his unique looks, height and hard guy image has always kept his popularity high amongst casting directors. Known to lock himself away while in the process of writing and equally the centre of attention during film shoots.


Tooting Lions 1993 Harry - Animal 1994 Dave - Brothers in Trouble 1995 The Driver - Judge Dread 1995 Uncredited - Mr Patel 1996 Director/writer - Yolanda 1996 Director/writer - Chocaholic 1997 Writer - A Student Life For Me 1998 Writer - Dead Columbian 1999 Writer - Franky Sahb 2003 Writer - Working Title "Fed Topper" 2009 (current project)


Tich has one son born November 2002 but is currently single. He also takes great interest in the British youth community and tries to promote the Arts in whichever way he can.


The Internet Movie Database


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