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Scott K. (1993) - bass
K. Smith (1993) - bass
Chrissy C. (1993) - voice
Max T. (2000) - backline
James R. (2000) - backline
Mark C. (2000-2005) - drums
Mitch B.(2000-2006) - backline, voice
Sunny B.(2000-2006) - backline, voice
Raylene S. (2000-2007) voice & guitar
Butch P.(2000-2007) voice & guitar
Tommy S. (2000-2007) voice & bass
Grey H. (2000-2007) voice, bass & guitar
Mark S. (2000-2007) bass & guitar
Chris A.(2000-2007) backline, voice
Aisa M.(2000-2007) foley artist, cello, violin, piano, harp, flute, voice

Thou Art That

Thou Art That is minimalist experimental grindcore band that crosses over elements of doom metal and hybrid forms of crustcore and extreme metal. Formed in 1989, it is a pioneering band that has contributed heavily to the Oklahoma music scene and has had some penetrating influence in the region with regards to genre, stylistic content, performance & technique. [1]

Band Overview

Thou Art That genesis and roots are from the central Oklahoma, southern Kansas and Dallas, Texas region of the United States. The band was founded by Brad D. and has often featured Joe D. & S. Kearnes who comprise the current line-up and have often reconfigured under the names of Serpent Assassin, Social Parasite, Destructive Criticism, Two Toke Choke, Subsanity, Lot 9, Dead People, Q'On'Os (or simply, QONOS) and SITH. [2]

The band's name was inspired by a passage Hakim Bey wrote in reference to an ancient Hindu term, "Ye are as gods... thou art that". Each member of the band has often drawn inspiration from the works of Thelemic and Anarchist writers to direct lyrical content as well musical style and approach, thus the name is very fitting for the melting pot of sound that is Thou Art That. [3]

The beginning of the band's career saw them debut at the height of the speed metal/thrash metal era of the late 80's when those particular styles had entered the consciousness of popular music culture by fusing hardcore punk and progressive metal. Brad, Joe & Steve each had cut their teeth on a wide variety of musical influences from classical instruction, classic rock & blues, big band and Zappa-styled jazz, to traditional folk musics of indigenous peoples and the experimentation of the times that had produced the landscape of a growing underground music scene expressed freely in the United States during this period. [4]

With speed metal and thrash reaching its logical conclusion by the late 80's, Thou Art That turned to its own inspirations to play something fresh while staying true to the heavier expression of metal that they had come to be proficient with. By experimenting with non-standard tunings, chord progression and song structure, they had morphed their music into something beyond where they began into several subsets of hybrid genres not seen anywhere, especially in the central United states and its southern regions where fundamentalist conservatism permeates most aspects of local culture. [5]

The result was the beginning of powerviolence, southern grindcore, psychedelic doom, stoner rock and other colloquial expressions of guitar and drum based minimalist metal that have no other precedent. [6]

Throughout the 90's the band often crossed over audiences that were often at odds with each other and not seen at the same venues. Everyone from scene-starved punks, death metalheads and other disaffected audiophiles attended their live performances and blended well without the usual antipathy that occurs when disparate audiences gather. The overt hardcore nature of the guitar work satisfied punks, bluesy progressions fed the psychedelic stoners and doom-heads, the obscure violent nature of the drumming hypnotized seasoned musicians accustomed to death metal and black metal, while the fun of the performance refused to alienate anyone. [7] They are favored by their fans for encouraging them to bootleg live shows. [8]

Often the very crowds that they drew together throughout the 90's were also confused by the band's vacillating nature that resisted labeling and easy categorizing. As the new millennium dawned, the sophistication of the audiences had grown and Thou Art That found a more fertile, open-minded atmosphere in which to defy conventions and entertainment dogma. [9]

With the hard work of continental and international touring, Thou Art That has earned a loyal subculture of its own, while it has also helped to define modern heavy music within and without its own locale by inspiring others to perceive self-expression on their own terms. [10]


partial list of known splits, EPs and LPs:
(demos and promos are not included)

Lot 9 (1990)
Blistered By Ignorance (1991)
Nitrus (1991)
Citrus (1991)
Avernus (1992)
Opus (1992)
Alumnus (1992)
Magus (1993)
Social Parasite (1993)
Psychedelic Pharmacy (1994)
Gnosis: The Problems of the Mind (1995)
Dominus Ominus (1996)
Collected 7 Inches: A Series Of Dogs 1991-1995 (1996)
Lozt On Earth (1996)
Humana Iz Sh*t (1997)
Futura Iz Warr (1998)
Surge of Nero (1999)
Statim Christianos Ad Leonum (1999)
Pom far (2000)
An End (2000)
A Scar Is Born (2000)
Active Campaign of Hate (2001)
Uncontrollable Slaughter of Assh*les (2001)
Storm of Spikes (2001)
Mercury Rising (2002)
Governed By Lies (2002)
Code Of Bushido (2002)
Death, Contempt & Disgust (2003)
Requiem: Beneath Still Waters (2003)
Journey To The Sun (2003)
For The World is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky (2004)
Anarchy And Insurrection (2004)
Rampage Of The Sasquatch (2004)
Pieces Of The Past (2005)
Defiance Within You (2005)
Eight-Legged Ways of Satan (2005)
Sweet Madness (2006)
Protocols Of The Goyim (2006)
Anomalous Vendetta (2007)
Equinox Mass Of The Sentinel (2007)
Faust Aleph Null (2008)
The Accumulated Blur (2008) [11]


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