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Music Surgeon, The (also "Sound Butler, The,") is an alias used by Dutch native multi-platinum production sound mixer and sound engineer Koen Heldens. He has been on the rise as a fresh young talent of the new generation of music mixing engineers as stated by master mixing engineer Dave Pensado. At his young age it seems he only gets better and better, he is most notable for mixing urban music.

The Music Surgeon's work spans a wide range of styles, including jazz, R&B, rock, pop, and easy listening. As of 2008, it is speculated that he has mixed on records that have sold over a total of 11,500.000 copies.

Early life

The Music Surgeon grew up in the south east of the Netherlands near the German border, and attended Raayland College in Venray, followed by SAE College in Rotterdam before he moved to the United States of America.

In his early years as a child he attended Venray School of Music. Not long after he started out as a part time runner at a local radio broadcast station in the weekends. Along side working as a part time runner, he started to compose dance music and put together his first little production studio at his parents house garage. In the years following he had minor success as a composer of dance music. His most notable work during this time was his production work for Hungarian Grammy Award nominated producer Tranzident which reached the number one chart position in the Eastern European dance charts and remained in the Top 20 charts for over a stunning consecutive five months.


Parallel to his time as a composer of dance music he switched from a runner to live assistant and studio recording assistant. Over the next following years The Music Surgeon was able to craft his skills for engineering, and became a hit with his style of mixing music. It was at this time a major commercial recording studio facility appointed him as their chief engineer running both studios A and B and training the additional staff of engineers and runners.

As producer he has worked with the likes of Si Paul (ATB, Lost Witness, and Angel City), Michael Parsberg (Safri Duo, Blu Cantrell, and Aqua), Grammy Nominee Tranzident, former UK group Steps member Lisa-Scott Lee, and American ghost-production team Tha Otherz, Inc. (Lil' Jon, DJ Khalid, Trina, Scott Storch, and Cool N Dre).


In 2005 he first started to work with famous major label artists from both the United States and the United Kingdom including the likes of Lil' Wayne and Juelz Santana among others. After working as chief engineer for a major commercial recording facility The Music Surgeon was on his way to the next level, and continued to impress famous international artists and producers across the world.

The Music Surgeon has worked on multiple notable albums and singles from international artists including Tha Carter II from Lil' Wayne and Juelz Santana's What The Games Been Missing!, and more recently the new come back single from UK R&B sensation Keisha White. He has been featured in a new MTV America and UK real life show opera featuring a newly signed UK boy group from Geffen Records, and is owner of his own multi media company MirrorMixing Entertainment Group (MMEG) which name refers to represent something as accurately as possible which reflects back to his mixes. Royal College of Surgeons, Inc. is one of the company imprints from MirrorMixing Entertainment Group (MMEG) and part of MirrorMixing Recording Company and has been set-up to support new up and coming sound engineers. It has a sophisticated internship program and is supported by some of the worlds leading audio engineering related pro schools and colleges.

The Music Surgeon has also been involved in studio consultancy and design on various projects including the state of the art recording studio for a famous retired international soccer player from Chelsea among other private and commercial recording studios.

The Music Surgeon (Koen Heldens) likes to refer to the medical world when explaining his craft of mixing music in both technical and creative approach. Therefor the name Music (creative) and Surgeon (technical); Music Surgeon.


His real name Koen (pronounced: 'Coon') is of racial slur to the black community and has been offensive to most of his clients. In example his meeting with Universal Music Group Distribution's senior director and the senior mastering engineer at Universal Mastering Studios quoting: "He must be a tuff guy, working in urban music with a name like that". Because of the issues surrounding his name he likes to use his alias The Music Surgeon instead of referring back to his real name. However when dealing with business for his own multi media company MirrorMixing Entertainment Group (MMEG), he still uses his full real name.

A side the controversy surrounding his name, The Music Surgeon is also responsible for African-American porn star Marie Luv, most notable for her starring in hardcore adult movies, musical career as a rap artist.

Current work

Currently The Music Surgeon is involved in groundbreaking plugin design with one of the worlds largest pro audio developer.

The Music Surgeon is presently represented by Los Angeles based agent Edward Randle and prefers to work out of Studio A at The Boom Boom Room in Burbank CA owned by a multi media super star.

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