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The Electronic Caregiver Company, also known as LifeSupport Medical, is a provider of medical alarm systems featuring a submersible emergency button worn on wrist, multiple medical alert buttons in common fall locations, an auto-fall detector with automatic signaling and an inactivity sensor in case of non-movement.


In February 2009, LaserShield Systems Inc CEO Anthony Dohrmann resigned from LaserShield (He would return to LaserShield in July when investment bakers involved in the company asked him to put together a restructuring plan).[1] At this time, Anthony founded The Electronic Caregiver Company. Anthony brought Chief Financial Officer Ed Chavarria Jr along with him, while adding Ken Hoeksema as Chief Operations Officer and Dustin Cook as President & Vice Chairman.[2]

Designed for seniors and other vulnerable segments of the population, The Electronic Caregiver company was specifically designed to also help those who the burden of care falls upon.[3]

The company claims that a family paying $20,000 per year for 80 months of caregiving services, the individual they are responsible for may be left unsupervised for a remaining 640 hours each month, and claims that the product was designed to fill that void.[4]


All of The Electronic Caregiver Company's products are plug and go, requiring no installation. There are two systems produced by The Electronic Caregiver Company. The Electronic Caregiver and The “EC Express.” The EC express system lacks the speed dial buttons, remote features, flood detector and features less medication reminders that are featured by The Electronic Caregiver.[5] Both systems are backed by Rapid Response Monitoring Service which is an Alarm Monitoring Center located in Syracuse, New York.[6]

In The Media[edit]

On March 5, 2013, The Electronic Caregiver was featured as one of the “coolest smart solution hi-tech gadgets” on WGNTV.[7]

On March 25, 2013, The Electronic Caregiver was featured on the Wendy Williams Show and described by Wendy as being a “perfect” product for her elderly parents.[8]

Partnership With New Mexico State University[edit]

During a check-presentation ceremony Saturday, Feb. 2, at the Las Cruces Convention Center, The Electronic Caregiver Company donated $12,000 to New Mexico State University's Department of Human Performance, Dance and Recreation.[9] This funding is to be utilized in Dr. Robert Wood's fall prevention program at New Mexico State University's Reduced Gravity and Biomechanics Lab[10]


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