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The Chris and James 5 O'Clock Showdown is a radio programme on the University of Liverpool's radio station, ICON Radio. The show, which airs each Wednesday at 5pm, is hosted by students Chris Baynes and James Llewellyn. As well as the duo's (often conflicting) choice of music, the show incorporates such features as: Lyric of the Week; the Cheese Off; and Phil Collins News. The latter, an up-to-date look at the recent goings-on in the life of rock legend Phil Collins, is introduced by a jingle featuring a section of the Genesis song "Mama", as well as an automated German voice announcing the words "Phil Collins News, jah?"

The programme's listener base has increased rapidly over the course of the 2008-09 university year, and it is now considered to be ICON Radio's flagship show, recently highlighted with the pair's success at the 2009 ICON Radio Awards, in which they won 'Best Male Duo'


The Chris and James 5 O'Clock Showdown was preceded by a solo show hosted by Chris Baynes on Thursday, at 5pm. Baynes invited Llewellyn to co-host the programme towards the end of its run, and the format evolved into its current state. Differences to the current show include a pro-Chris music playlist (due to James's status as a guest, which meant he was often granted only one song per show) and the notable absence of the popular features. When Llewellyn joined full-time, he demanded the playlist be levelled out to be constituted half by his own choice of music, to which Baynes reluctantly agreed.


Rumours abound that Baynes and Llewellyn will be taking their show to a rival station at the end of its stint at ICON. Although it is unconfirmed which station they are planning on moving to, their association with Shout Radio head Nathan rowden has led some to speculate the duo will be heading to the Liverpool John Moores University student station.

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