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TK-N-CASH is an American hip hop/rap group signed to Disturbing Tha Peace Records[1] composed of Tevin “TK” Thompson and Derrin “Cash” Townsend. Originally from Augusta, Georgia, the duo relocated and is currently based in Atlanta. They just finished a tour with Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore, OMG Girlz, and more.[2]


Thompson, an army brat, lived in several places including Hawaii[3] before eventually ending up in Augusta where he met Townsend. Initially, they were solo acts who would consistently perform at the same shows around the city until they realized their talents complemented one another. They recorded a song called Fruity Colors, which gave them a local hit and solidified them as group.[4]

Thompson and Townsend recorded a few other songs, honing their combined sound before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia under the guidance of manager (and TK's father) Chris "Big Chris" Thompson. It was there, at a Disturbing Tha Peace talent competition that they wow’d label founder and rapper Ludacris, DTP C.E.O. Chaka Zulu, and executive Jeff Dixon enough to offer them a deal.[5]

TK-N-CASH has released three mixtapes under Disturbing Tha Peace: Twerk Tape (2009) hosted by DJ Era, 1 of Deze (2010) hosted by Lil Bankhead, and most recently PreShock (2011) hosted by DJ Infamous.[6]

In 2011, Askia Fountain began managing the group under his Timeless Music Management imprint. Soon after, they began touring with Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore, OMG Girlz, and Hamilton Park on the Scream Tour. In February 2012, they were also on Diggy Simmon's Life of a Jet Setter tour.


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