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Swati Bhatia (now Swati Bhatia Rawat,स्वाति भाटिया रावत, born March 9th, 1983) is an Indian actress and anchor. She started her debut with Pavitr Rishta-ZEE TV, Aap ki antra-ZEE TV, Sabki Ladali Bebo-Star Plus,and Hamari Devrani-Star Plus. Currently she is working as an anchor for Rajya Sabha TV.

Early life[edit]

Swati Bhatia was born on 9 March 1983 in Delhi.She studied B.Sc in Home Science from Institute of Home Economics, Delhi University. She was elected in Student Union as Sports President also she was the captain of the House . In 2003 she went for Masters in Food & Nutrition from DAVV, Indore. Here also apart from securing one of the top ranks in the University she was Miss College 2003 and won the title Miss Beautiful Hair for two continuous years.

Her interest in studies motivates her for her next degree in Naturopathy & Yoga from Delhi, followed by Diploma in Multi Media from Oxford Institute. Nine months of internship in Army Hospital (R & R) boost her confidence as Dietitian. Dr Swati Bhatia practiced Naturopathy and Nutrition for 2 years with a private clinic. Specialized in Diabetes and Cardiac problems. She also planned the therapeutic diet and daily menu for the Ex-Presidents of India Late Shri R. Venkataraman and Late Shri K R Narayanan.

She also did her second Bachelors degree in Education (B.Ed) from MDU, where again she proved to be the pride of the College by securing Top rank.

Later as per her passion towards media, leads her to next qualification PG diploma in Journalism and Mass communication from IGNOU.

Career Achievements[edit]

Swati Bhatia started doing stage at a very early age. At the age of 6 she started presenting radio shows for AIR, Delhi. Late teens she started her debut in television doing Malvanchal for Doordarshan. She also worked as the Station Head of a FM Radio in 2007 and was the popular RJ of the night band Love Dost. Then she moved to Mumbai and established herself as an Actress and Anchor. She also Anchor the Common Wealth Games 2010 and was the first Indian Anchor to announce first Indian Gold Medal.Also she Modeled for the Internationale hair movies.

S.NoTelevision ProgramsChannels
1.Pavitr RishtaZee Tv
2.Aap ki antraZee Tv
3.Sab ki Ladali BeboStar Plus
4.Hamari DevraniStar Plus
5.Dil Di Galan Dil Hi JaaneJiya Tv
6.Sony TV promoSony Tv
7.LazzatETV Urdu
8.Yog ShaktiCare World
9.Alternative MedicineCare World
10.Atithi Aapke Gher MainPragya TV
11.Graamin BhatatDoordarshan
12.Krishi DarshanDoordarshan
13.Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar”2010Doordarshan
14.Paryavaran DarshanDoordarshan
15.Yours TrulyDoordarshan
16.Delhi International Arts Festival 2009Doordarshan
17.International Trade FareDoordarshan
18.HonhaarTotal TV
19.Khabaran break maarkeJust TV Punjabi
Television Commercials
Britannia Television Advertisement
Roots and wings Television commercial
1.Kutty (South film)
2.Promotional short film for Sony Entertainment TV 2008
3.Corporate film with Maruti Suzuki 2006
4.Short feature film on Delhi 2006
5.Corporate film for Honda City 2006
6.Corporate film with Viscom Communication 2005


Swati Bhatia Rawat visit to Sironj 4 AUGUST 2013.[1]
Swati Bhatia (स्वाति भाटिया रावत) on Danik Bhaskar 2013.[2]
Swati Bhatia chief guest of the event EUCRASIA 2013.[3]
Swati Bhatia Rawat program.[4]
Swati Bhatia yatedo.[5]

External Links[edit]

Swati Bhatia Rawat visit to Sironj 4 AUGUST 2013

Swati Bhatia on Youtube
Swati Bhatia (स्वाति भाटिया रावत) on Danik Bhaskar 2013
Swati Bhatia chief guest of the event EUCRASIA 2013
Swati Bhatia program, 14 August 2013
The Chief Guest of the Event, Swati Bhatia, November 2013
Swati Bhatia videos

Swati Bhatia yatedo


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