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Ilio Starnotti (Livorno - August 8, 1952 - September 22, 2005), is a Tuscany Master Painter.

Since 1974 exhibit in the most famous Italian art galleries (1977 Chianciano, the first personal art-exhibition, 1979 in Genoa, 1981 in Bari, Basel, Pisa)

Starnotti sensitiveness for things of everydaily life and delicate atmospheres of the landscapes has left works from the extraordinary density of tones and colors brightness.

His more important works represent landscapes and still-life, spacing between two styles, that one of pure impressionism and that academic in the use of the always warm and limpid colors.

He's greater works we remember: “Mimosa” (oil, 1982), “Natura Morta”. (oil 30x40, 1983).


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