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Shivam Parikh is one of the youngest Entrepreneurs from Gujarat, India. Belonging to an all science educated family - he was the first to go into a commerce education. He was born and brought up in California before re-locating to India in 1994. He was born on February 29, 1984 - a leap year day. He is also the son of a renowned cardiologist and author in India - Dr.Keyur Parikh.[1] [2] [3]


He is the CEO of one of Gujarat's leading ISP companies - rDosti Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. He began his business as a start up hobby in 1999, during his school days.

In 2002-03, he was the pioneer and owner of the "IndyaMail" Project a free email service initially for Indians, and then expanded to the globe.

In 2008, he started rDosti Internet Services Pvt. Ltd [4], and acted as CEO. The company tied up with Socketmail [5] to serve their thousands of users with Email service branded by rDosti. rDosti also features free Social Networking and other facilities like online gaming, shopping, knowledgebase, Free Text Messaging, blog hosting and other services. The company also deals with premium services like Web Hosting and Server Management. rDosti's concept came from the English and Hindi mixture of "Our" and "Dosti" (Friendship).RDOSTI.COM

In February 2009, he acquired leadership (CEO) of Malaysian based company - Socketmail Solutions [6], part of the Creative-Dr Company[7]. Socketmail is a leading Linux PHP script that offers WebMail & Client mail service to its owners in form of a free and paid email service system. This is similar to Rediff, GMail, Yahoo Mail and others mail service providers.

Education and in the news

Though Shivam Parikh is currently studying Business Studies (MBA/PGDBM) - from SomLalit College. After seeing a traditional structured education system in Gujarat, he dropped out of the Masters in Computer Application at Nirma University and decided to fully focus on his business skills through the Som Lalit Program doing computer programming on the side. He made his mark earlier with exemplary contributions to the internet world - dating as far back as 2000 with his educational and school web site (St.Xaviers Loyola Hall - LoyolaUniverse) [8], and later a free e-mail service that began to break space barriers (storage). The Times of India compared him to Mr. Sabeer Bhatia [9] (the founder of Hotmail , a current Multimillionaire). He has been a creative minded person, and at a young age been over so aggressive in his contributions to the internet world. Shivam Parikh graduated from Som Lalit: Institute of Business Administration while running his internet hosting company and free email service "IndyaMail". He then joined his course in MBA and conceived "rDosti".

Belief and culture

Shivam Parikh is a believer that "You don't need a degree in computers to start a computer related business or an IT related service". He feels that aspiration and dreams are the leaders that drive oneself to a process of being successful. He is also the founder of the very popular Indian email service IndyaMail.[10]

Though born and brought up in USA, he has hit roots stuck with India. In several interviews and articles by India's leading newspaper - The Times of India [11] he revealed during an article about Voting in India - 'Indians are Indians. They live and breathe here (India). They should vote at least for their future life in the country as well as their children's.[12]

In an article about New Year Resolutions that he would make , he talked about 'Wearing a Save The Girl T-Shirt and Promoting Girl-Child Pro Awareness in India. He pushed awareness of the girl child possibly being a boon to the country's development.' [13] In 2009, he adopted a female Labrador Puppy named Angel.

On the business and ethical side, Mr.Parikh - during an article regarding potentials of the over growing Blogging and potential Economical model of earning fast money - Mr. Parikh stated that it was not about earning money, rather about educating the masses. He also went on to state the health related education through blogging was important. He however also stated that there is an economic advantage with every model in the end.[14]


During a minor outage of the hosting services in 2007, downtime had lasted around 4 hours. rDosti under the leadership of Shivam Parikh offered its clients a 150% refund or optional additional months of complimentary hosting. He is a firm believer of offering customers value-additions and recently offered all clients under the rDosti brand a complimentary upgrade of services.

Affiliations & Personalities

Shivam Parikh was invited to the Windows Vista Launch "WOW" in December 2006 (Nokia Center, USA). He also was invited for the lunch session with Mr. Bill Gates, Microsoft. Shivam Parikh has been a beta-tester as well as a Technet Subscriber of/with Microsoft since over 5 years. He is a 'perpetual tester' for Microsoft Onecare Antivirus and a tester for Microsoft Office 2007, MSN Messenger 8/9 as well Home Server and others. In 2007 he met Dr. Abdul Kalam (former president of India) and Mrs. Sunita Williams (NASA,Astronaut) in India. During a routine trip to the United States, he happened to come across Bollywood actor John Abraham as well.

Shivam Parikh is one of the lead Windows Mobile 'third party' - ROM Developers for custom rom solutions for Windows Mobile PocketPC. He creates custom images for the 'Universal' brand of Windows Mobile Devices. The devices included in the Universal brand are "Imate JasJar and others"[15]


Shivam Parikh launched a line of free software utilities under the brand name "2Kul & IndyaMail" Software in 2006. They include IndyaMail 2Kul MemoryOptimizer 2007[16], File-Splitter 2007[17], DataSync 2007 [18] , Internet Cleaning Express (ICE) 2007 [19], and The7Planets -Planetary BackUp Pro [20]. The software have been downloaded over 7000 times. Three of them are rated highy by CNET &

In 2009, Shivam Parikh acquired WebMail Solutions (& Software).

Windows Mobile Third Party Developer

Shivam Parikh's custom windows mobile images include the popular RDosti v11 and Shivam310. Shivam Parikh is an active developer at the XDA-Developers Community [21] by updating and releasing updates to his third party ROM. Currently, his ROM rDosti v11 has the most free program memory.

The Author

Shivam Parikh has authored and published four books already through Lulu Publications. The first was a tribute to a long old friend and the second being a collection of poems, songs and articles written by him. The second book is titled "An Old Love Story". [22] The book revolves around emotions and love writings, poems and passages. The third book is a detailed analysis / report called the Indian Business Confidence Index Analysis 2008 [23]. It deals with economic analysis of the Indian economy for the year up till Q3/4 2008.

Shivam Parikh recently completed writing his fourth book that is an extension to his second book called "A Special Kind Of Love".[24] It is in paperback and consists of 110 pages. The book is to be sold on, Lulu Online Publications and through other retailers in 2009 after final revisions expected in February 2009.

He expects to write his fifth book in next year (2009) called a "Unique Disease" which is based on a novel he had written along with a friend when he was in his school days. He plans on compeleting the book that he had written and lost out on, as they were in notebooks in 8th grade and were lost soon after his schooling.

Present focus

He is also currently doing his final semester MBA from renowned college in the city of Ahmedabad, Som Lalit Institute of Management Studies (SLIMS)

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