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Shaun Smith is a British singer who came to public attention when he appeared as a contestant on the third series of Britain's Got Talent, and ended up being one of the ten finalists of the 2009 edition on that show. Smith became known when he sang Bill Withers rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine" in the competition's first round.

Britain's Got Talent

Smith first appeared on the third series of Britain's Got Talent performing "Ain't No Sunshine". He said he chose the song because 'I had done since an early age, and knew it very well'. Following his performance, the original recording entered the UK charts for the first time.[1]

After impressing the judges at his audition he was put through to the semi-finals and performed U2's "With or Without You" where he was runner-up following the judge's vote. He appeared in the final on 30 May 2009 performing his audition piece. He was praised by the judges and finished in the top ten.

Smith has been confirmed to be on the Britain's Got Talent 2009 Tour which starts with a live show in Birmingham in June.[2].

Personal life

Shaun is a student at the Friary School in Lichfield where he is preparing for his A-levels in General Studies, Biology, Psychology, Sport and Music. He is inspired by his fireman father and wishes to become a medical officer in the RAF if his singing career does not work out. He is a talented sportsman, having won many trophies for rugby, swimming and football.[3]


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