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Shaukat Ali Abdul Ghafoor (Arabic:???? ??? ) is a well-known Pakistani business tycoon based in Libya. With over 30 years of extensive experience in Corporate Management directing international market in the fields of Engineering & Construction, General Trading, and Holdings & Investments. An expert with high standards of technical qualifications and proven skills in general management, project management, operations, marketing, sales, business development, human resources, financial management, negotiations and personnel management. He is the Senior Vice President of CKG (Citramegah Karya Gemilang), which is one of the most prominent[citation needed] businesses in the fields of Engineering, Procurement & Construction in Asia and Africa. He has two wives and 5 children.

Leading Entrepreneur

As one of the leading entrepreneurs in Libya, Shaukat Ali championed the cause of small to large-sized enterprises. He is innovative, has entrepreneurial style of management which benefits multi-national companies like CKG (one of Indonesia’s leading EPC company), a company that faces significant challenges. He started working with CKG from its establishment in Tripoli, Libya on early 2002 and has formerly served as Area Manager and General Manager of CKG Libya branch. CKG’s Board of Directors entrusted the company’s operation to Shaukat Ali, being the architect of the company’s founding in Libya. He knew that business was also a gamble of making tough choices and taking risks and he being a professional went for it. He is currently serving as CKG's Senior Vice President.

Awards and recognitions

Not to mention the various citations awarded by diferent private and public organizations and government authorities in recognition of Shaukat Ali's valuable contributions, some are noted as follows:

• Certificate of Appreciation awarded by the Ambassador of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Tripoli, in recognition of the valuable assistance and services to the Embassy.

• “Noot Al Fatah Al Adeem” awarded by the Libyan parliament for outstanding services to Great Jamahiriya. This is the highest recognition to be given to a foreign national residing in Libya.

• Certificate of Appreciation awarded by the Libyan government for outstanding contributions on the celebration of Libya’s 40th Anniversary of Alfatah Revolution.

• Certificate of Appreciation awarded by the Chairman of PT. Citramegah Karya Gemilang for long outstanding services and contributions to the company.

Social Responsibility

Affiliated in various Social and Non-Governmental Organizations and actively involved in different community development & assistance program aside from personal financial and moral contributions to various individuals and groups of the society in struggle against poverty, illiteracy and disease.

Shaukat Ali Abdul Ghafoor, despite his numerous accomplishments, has remained simple and natural.[citation needed] A true family man[who?] and strong-minded[who?] businessman, he is devoted to his family and work.[citation needed]

Favorite Quote

“Work hard to create in your children a good self-image. It's the most important thing you can do to insure their success.”


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