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Shaner G Yo (born Shane Granger) was a famous rap and hip hop artist from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. He was born in 1985 and although he died at only the age of 22 in a tragic automobile accident, the legacy of his music lives on and had a tremendous impact in the local hip hop music scene. Although his career was brief he produced two hit albums, most notable I Will Eat Your Children, with a hit single by the same name.

Shaner G Yo was born in an upper middle class area in Winnipeg known as River Heights. His mother was a prominent politician in the conservative party and father was a car salesmen. His teenage years were troubled and he was involved in many brushes with the law, including one incident where he was charged with robbery for stealing a transcript from his high school after he graduated, apparently rather than paying the $5 service charge they wanted. The charges were later dropped. After high school Shaner honed his street credibility through a long spree of fights and mischief’s activities. It was during this time when he produced his greatest single, I Will Eat Your Children, as well as both albums, the aforementioned I Will Eat Your Children and Angry Norm. During this time he also legally changed his name from Shane Granger to Shaner G Yo after a friend bet him he wouldn't. His life was tragically cut short on May 12, 2007 when he was hit by a bus near his home and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Many people have described Shaners G Yo's music as offensive and crude. His music was filled with violent and sociopathic behavior including cannibalism, which he widely advocated. His music also advocated rape, child abuse, torture, and murder. Many others see his music as a sort of parody on what mainstream "gansta rap" has become.

Shaner G Yo's Facebook page which is still up and was taken over by a friend after his death states that Shaner met all the criteria in the DSM-IV for anti-social personality disorder. This cannot be verified now after his death but those closest to Shaner at the time of his death stated, "That would explain a lot.” when asked for a comment.

His personal life was frought with trauma including a severe addiction marijuanna and to the designer drug MDMA. Also family and relationship problems plagued him thoughout his life.

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