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LLC: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

Patent Licensing: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Scenera Research (Scenera) is a patent licensing entity.


Scenera Research is the parent company of FotoMedia Technologies, LLC, a patent-holding company. In 2007-2008, Scenera through Fotomedia, filed patent numerous patent infringement lawsuits against over 60 companies[1][2].

In 2011, Fotomedia went after the world’s biggest photo-sharing site, Facebook. FotoMedia teamed up with law firm—Kilpatrick Townsend, one of the nation’s largest.[3][4]

Fotomedia and its parent, Scenera Research, are closely related to Flashpoint Technology, Inc. A number of Fotomedia/Scenera patents originated at FlashPoint. FlashPoint is also a New Hampshire patent licensing firm that was formerly owned by Apple. Scenera is closely related to FlashPoint in more than one way. In addition to having provided FotoMedia many of the patents it’s now bringing to court, Flashpoint’s CEO is Stanley Fry, who sources and court documents indicate is the father of FotoMedia CEO Ryan Fry.

FotoMedia CEO Ryan Fry in a press release indicated that Scenera through Fotomedia holds patents, acquired from various sources, that cover any social network that allows users to “upload, share and tag digital media”. FotoMedia’s statement says its technology “now extend(sic) far beyond traditional photo-sharing and is relevant to all ‘connected’ consumer devices capable of accessing, exchanging, and sharing digital media, as well as related software applications and cloud-based services that enable these devices.”[5][6][7]

A partial list of lawsuits and defendants filed in 2007-2008 follows:

  • FotoMedia Technologies, LLC v. AOL, LLC. et al. 07-cv-00255-TJW-CE, E.D. Texas (Marshall). Filed 6/18/2007, against: AOL, LLC., America Online, Inc., CBS Interactive Inc., CNET Networks, Inc., Photobucket.Com, Inc., Shutterfly, Inc., and Yahoo! Inc.
  • Fotomedia Technologies, LLC v. Alltel Communications, Inc. et al. 07-cv-00256-TJW-CE, E.D. Texas (Marshall). Filed 6/18/2007 against: Alltel Communications, Inc., Cellco Partnership (Verizon), Deutsche Telekon AG, Sprint Communications Company, L.P., Sprint Nextel Corporation, Sprint Spectrum L.P. d/b/a Sprint PCS, T-Mobile International Ag & Co. Kg, T-Mobile USA, Inc., and Verizon Trademark Services, LLC
  • Fotomedia Technologies, LLC v. Fujifilm U.S.A, Inc. et al. 08-cv-00203-TJW-CE, E.D. Texas (Marshall). Filed 5/12/2008 against: Amiglia, Inc., EZ Prints, Inc., Flektor, Inc., Fotoflix, Inc., Fototime, Inc., Fotolog, Inc., Fujifilm U.S.A., Inc., Hi-Media S.A., Multiply, Inc., Mypublisher, Inc., Namemedia, Inc., Nokia Corp., Nokia, Inc., Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., Nu Skin International, Inc., Picateers, Inc., Rangeela Photos,Llc, Regards.Com, Ltd., Riya, Inc., Scrapblog, Inc., Slide, Inc., Smilebox, Inc., Smugmug, Inc., and Tickle, Inc.
  • FotoMedia Technologies, LLC v. American Greetings, Corp. et al. 08-cv-00202-TJW, E.D. Texas (Marshall). Filed 5/12/2008 against: AG Interactive, Inc., American Greetings, Corp., Babyzone.Com, Inc. Betterphoto.Com, Inc., Bubbleshare Inc., Dotphoto, Inc., Drive Headquarters, Inc., Fortunecity.Com Inc., Fotki, Inc., Imageevent, Incando Corp., Kaboose Inc., Kaboose.Com, Inc., Lenzus, Inc., Mediafire, LLC, Officeware Corp., Phanfare, Inc., Photogra, Inc., Picaboo Corp., Picturetrail, Inc., Printroom, Inc., Qualguard, Inc., Ripside Interactive, Inc., Scripps Networks, LLC, The E. W. Scripps Co., Zazzle.Com, Inc., and Zoto, Inc.
  • Fotomedia Technologies, LLC v. Facebook, et al. 11-cv-00826-UNA; U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. Filed on Sept. 15, 2011 against: Facebook Inc., Tagged Inc., MySpace Inc., Insider Guides Inc., and Memory Lane Inc.[8].


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