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Chris Sampson (August 1, 1991), better known by his stage name Sampsonite, is a Canadian rapper who is currently signed to indie record label, Conclusion Underground Entertainment. [1]

Early Life

He grew up in Peterborough on Sophia St. before moving north to the small town of Norland, with his brothers. While living around his brothers, he heard alot of rap music comprising mostly of artists, such as, Big Punisher and Everlast and Cypress Hill. The stories and flow to their music, compelled him to want to do it himself, but with lack of equipment and funds he could not and shortly gave up.[2]

Later Stages

Years later, he was a changed person and no longer interested in trying to go anywhere with his dreams of the past. He was contacted by a classmate and was shown that he himself (the classmate), rapped, while listening to this person's music he became inspired again. Days later he went and bought a cheap microphone and started using a program called Audacity, the first track he recorded was a freestyle and caught the attention of all the local MC's in the surrounding areas due to the fact he had never recorded anything before. They were impressed by his upbeat sounds and lyrical presence.

From that point he has released 13 promotional singles and 2 mixtapes, "The Staredown"(Which was produced by and distributed by A&R Select) and "The Crossing"[3] (which was produced and distributed independently). This earned him more respect among his peers as he progressed. Now he has a small studio located within his home, C.S Studios, which works hand in hand with Hot2Ice Productions, which was used to produce his first full length album "Mandatory Session" in 2009. As well as being an emcee, Sampsonite is also a producer, manager and director. He is the founder of the record label Conclusion Underground Entertainment.[4]


Later that year he signed rap artist Apidamy, and DJ DWF,[5]. More people contacted him, local amateurs such as Yung Code, To:Sence, Prodical Son and J2wice were featured on a few of his tracks, which are available on Facebook.[6]


His instrumentalist, or as rappers like to call it, "beat-maker", is his production crew Hot2Ice Productions.

Mandatory Session

His debut album was released on November 15th, 2009. It can be downloaded via iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, EMusic, Amazon and can be bought as a Hard-Copy/Physical CD.[7]

Mandatory Session
Studio album by Sampsonite
ReleasedNovember 15, 2009
RecordedMay - November, 2009
Genrerap, hip-hop
LabelConclusion Underground Ent./A&R Select[8]
ProducerChris Sampson/Hot2Ice Productions

Track listing

1. "Can't Leave The Game" (Intro) - 1:25

2. "Mistaken" - 3:45

3. "Lets Flow" - 3:40

  • featuring To:Sence

4. "This World Sickens Me" - 2:52

5. "One Of The Best" - 1:37

6. "Forever In Debt" - 2:45

7. "Give It Up (Ain't Got Nothin To Lose)" - 4:06

  • featuring Apidamy

8. "No Come Back" - 2:04

9. "Conclusion Anthem" - 4:39

  • featuring To:Sence

10. "Watch Ya Album Flop" - 3:43

11. "Mandatory Session" - 2:53

12. "Holloween Time" - 4:05

13. "We Da Best" - 3:50

  • featuring Spy

The Moment - 3:54

14. "What The Future Holds" - 3:48

15. "Still The One (Ya'll Love Ta Hate)" - 3:47

16. "Spectacular" - 4:48

  • featuring Sixxx & Bird

Represent - 3:55

17. "Times Up" (Outro) - 2:28


  • Mandatory Session (2009)


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