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The Redlands Baseball Club is an amateur baseball club that participates in the Greater Brisbane League competition and the Brisbane South competition.


Formed in the 1995/1996 season by John Murray as an offshoot of the Runcorn Indians, the club was originally called the Redlands Indians. However, Redlands Baseball Club rose meteorically. This was largely due to the vision and collaboration of loyal club members, the Redlands Shire Council and financial assistance from the Queensland Government.

Redlands Baseball Club, with two world-class fields, is a AAA standard lighted venue complete with a modern clubhouse and indoor batting cages. Situated 25 kilometres (16 mi) southeast of Brisbane in natural bushland, the Redlands Baseball Facility was a host site for the 2000 Olympic trials. Tested by world baseball teams from USA, Italy, the Netherlands and South Africa international recognition was firmly established. The venue hosts State and Australian Titles and is regularly used for club games.[1]

The fields were also used for the 2007 Claxton Shield and will again host two 2009 Claxton Shield games.[2]

Notable players[edit]

Current A-Grade Team[edit]

Rays roster
Active rosterCoaches
  • -- PJ Bevis
  • -- Tristian Crawford
  • -- Nathan Crawford
  • -- James Albury
  • -- Clint Naylor
  • -- Brad Erasmus
  • -- Josh Morrison


  • -- Daniel Almond
  • -- Dave Donaldson
  • -- David Arnold
  • -- Neil Morrison
  • -- Tyrone Milne


  • -- Adam Pearce
  • -- Justin Staatz
  • -- Chris Jarvis
  • -- Kyle Morrison
  • -- Chris Norrie


  • -- Stuart Linnell (B-Grade)
  • -- Chris Donohue (C-Grade)


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