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Paul T T Easter is a British film maker and Actor.

Easter played a variety of supporting roles until 2008, When Easter turned Film Maker and wanted to try out the ever smaller higher quality HD camcorders which were also now low in cost compared to the 1980s camcorders. Soon he realized that not only could he start to shoot his own indie films but he also enjoyed working behind the camera and far more so than he ever thought he would. When his first film started shooting Easter found that even a Camcorder costing under £500 had a picture quality greater to that of the TV shows such as Lovejoy from the mid 1980s to early 1990s as technology had moved on so much.

Appearing in over 40 TV series Dramas and Films.

Lovejoy (TV series) was Easter's first ever TV appearance in 1992 he was in 4 episodes including the last ever episode of Lovejoy. He also appeared in many independent films.

The British Gangster film Stagger (film 2009) was Easter's first full scale movie Paul went on to gain a small cult following with three micro-budget found-footage horror films, U Mugs ( 2012 ), Black Shuck 2012, Thumb N It (2012). The plot of a fourth movie that year, Collateral Consequences, featured two industry stuntmen trying to outdo each other.

Further micro-budget productions, Assignment and Lone Walker, followed in 2013. The (2014) film Life Time is dedicated to Easter's mother who passed away in December 2013



As Actor[edit]

  • The Chief (1994, 1 episode, as Victim)
  • Lovejoy (1993-1994, 4 episodes, as buyer/wedding guest)
  • Martin Chuzzlewit (1995, 1 episode, as protester)
  • A Mind to Murder (1995, as witness, uncredited)
  • Silent Witness (1996, as witness)
  • Over Here (1996, as soldier, uncredited)
  • Insiders (1997, 1 episode, as John - inmate)
  • The Uninvited (1997, as Armed Guard, uncredited)
  • All the King's Men (1999, as Soldier, uncredited)
  • Shadow Play (2004, as Boatman, uncredited)
  • Fooling Hitler (2005, as MP, uncredited)
  • Hiroshima (2005, as Soldier / MP, uncredited)
  • Beyond the Rave (2008, as raver)
  • Halfway to Heaven (2009, as Patrick)
  • Jack Said (2009, as Dealer)
  • Malice in Wonderland (2009, as Trucker, uncredited)
  • Seconds from Disaster: WACO Siege (2011, as H.R.Team Leader)

As Director & Actor[edit]

  • Jake Stag (2008, as Jake Stag)
  • When You Owe You Pay (2008, as Jake)
  • Stagger (film 2009) ( as Jake)
  • Thumbs (2011, as Reese)
  • Love Lies (2012, as Trev)
  • U Mugs (2012) ( as Paul)[2]
  • Collateral Consequences (2012, as Zane)
  • Black Shuck (2012 film) ( as David)
  • Thumb N It (2012, as David)
  • Strike Back (2013, as Liam)
  • Lone Walker (2013, as Danny)
  • Assignment (2013, as Richard)
  • LifeTime (2014)
  • Raid (2014, as Chris)


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