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:papercutz are one of the few groups to come out of Portugal into the international independent electronic music scene. The group signed in 2007 to Montreal's label Apegenine recordings whose artist roster features artists such as Montreal's own electronic artist David Kristian, Emanuele Errante, Khonnor, Klaus Lunde, Julien Neto and former Beanbag vocalist Hunz. Their single "Ultravioleta" for their debut album "Lylac" features remixes by known artists such as Neotropic, Hand on the Plow's Spandex, Singer and new Ghostly International's artist The Sight Below.

In 2008 :papercutz are also featured in "Novos Talentos Fnac" a compilation where Fnac and [Henrique_Amaro] highlights upcoming artists distinguished by the quality of their work. Their track "Ultravioleta" featured on the compilation has received airplay on Portuguese most known national radio station RDP Antena 3.

Selected Discography

  1.  :papercutz - Ultravioleta rmx's - 2008
  2. Fnac - Novos Talentos 2008 - 2008
  3. Base One - Paradox City V.A. - 2005

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