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Pamela Pepperidge Conrad (formerly Capwell) was a fictional character on the American soap opera Santa Barbara. She was first portrayed by actress Shirley Anne Field from September 29 to December 25, 1987, and was then replaced by Marj Dusay, who portrayed the role from December 28, 1987, to July 11, 1988. Dusay returned as a guest star from February 22 to March 1, 1991.

Character history

Although she was mentioned multiple times during the early years of the series as the first wife of wealthy businessman C.C. Capwell, Pamela was never seen on the show until 1987. Pamela's marriage to C.C. had dissolved shortly after the birth of their son Mason. Pamela spent some years in England, where she fell in love with Michael Conrad and gave birth to Jeffrey Conrad, their son.

After her husband died, Pamela decided to return to Santa Barbara but to remain unseen in town because she was suffered from a disfiguring disease. A potion made by her friend Alex Nikolas helped cure her. In full health, Pamela decided to steal C.C. from his wife Sophia, but Sophia fought back. Pamela also learned her son Jeffrey was dating Kelly Capwell, and she hired a man to break them up.

Pamela continued to plot against the Capwell family. She blamed C.C. for the death of Hal Clark, but it was later revealed by Scott Clark, who had undergone hypnosis, that Pamela had actually been the one who murdered Hal. Fearing that she might be locked up, Pamela tried to kill Kelly, but didn't succeed. She was apprehended by the police. In 1991, Pamela returned to town cured of her madness, but she couldn't stand the Capwell family, and was once again sent to the asylum.



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