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Pamela Bach (born Pamela Ann Weissenbach; October 16, 1963), also known as Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff,[1] is an American actress.

Early life[edit]

Bach is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the second of three daughters. Her mother was a model, and she also modeled as a teenager. She attended Tulsa East Central High School and studied engineering at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. She moved to Los Angeles in 1985.[2][3]


Like her ex-husband, David Hasselhoff, Bach receives more attention in Europe than she does in America,[citation needed] and is one of the recipients of the yearly Otto Award as one of German teens' favourite actresses.[4] This is an award given by the German teen magazine Bravo. She worked together with her husband on the long-running series Baywatch and she had a recurring role as a psychologist in the series Sirens.[3] She participated in the 2011 UK reality TV show/competition Celebrity Big Brother and was in the house from August 18–31, 2011. She was the second celebrity to be evicted from the house, being evicted on Day 14.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Bach met David Hasselhoff on the set of a Knight Rider episode[2] and they married on December 9, 1989. The two divorced on July 26, 2006. They had two daughters together: Taylor Ann Hasselhoff (born May 5, 1990) and actress Hayley Amber Hasselhoff (born August 26, 1992). Hasselhoff obtained custody of the children in the divorce.[1] Ironically, both David and Pamela appeared on the long running CBS Daytime drama The Young and the Restless though not at the same time; Pamela as Mari Jo Mason #1 (1994) and David as Dr. Snapper Foster #2 (1975–82).

On March 11, 2009, Bach was arrested in Los Angeles for the felony of driving under the influence (DUI).[6] She was arrested again for DUI on November 28, 2009. The arrest came a day after David Hasselhoff was hospitalized after he was found unconscious at his home. Bach told TMZ she was trying to comfort the couple's daughters earlier in the evening and then went out for dinner where she had a few drinks.[7]


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