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Out of Nothing is an American ska punk band from Pensacola, Florida. The band formed in 2004, originally known as The Usual Suspects. They have performed at various venues and events both in and around Florida including The 3rd Annual Local Rock Summit, The Big Rock Show, Vans Warped Tour, and National Rock Summit. They've shared the stage with bands such as Bomb The Music Industry, No Torso, Cruiserweight, The Toasters, and Flatfoot 56.


The Usual Suspects (2004-2005)

Before the formation of Out of Nothing, Mark Lane(guitar/vocals), Ryan Freeman(drums), Oscar Castro (bass/vocals) and Logan McEwen (trombone) led a local band named The Usual Suspects. They played a few gigs in the Pensacola area and started what would later become Out of Nothing. Their music style was essentially the same with the main difference being the lack of horns.

At the beginning of 2005 the foursome decided to rename the band to avoid any possible copyright issues, since they discovered that their name was also the title of a movie.

Early years (2005-2006)

Spring of 2005 saw the first "mass production" from the band, their self-produced first demo. It could be found at various small businesses in the Pensacola area. While it was a really rough sample, it caught some attention as it helped book shows and start an online fan base through MySpace.

That summer, the band announced via their website that bass player and singer, Castro, had left the band due to moving away for school. Shortly thereafter, McEwen transferred instruments, leaving trombone for bass. By the fall, the band had recruited horn players Josh Taylor(trumpet/trombone), formerly of The Metros, and Adam Ortiz(saxophone).

Out of Nothing spent 2006 working on new material, playing shows regularly, and establishing an even wider fan base. That December, the band released a DIY split with The Rude Robots.

Out and about (2007-present)

In 2007, the band released Hate Five Oh, their second demo. This nine song home recording was more polished compared to previous releases. “Voodoo”, “Paranoia”, and “Ska Kids” (all found on this CD) had been reworked from their initial appearance two years before.

That summer, the band recruited horn player TJ Wallen(trombone), formerly of The Metros. Furthermore, they won a spot on the Ernie Ball: Battle of the Bands, and performed at the 2007 Vans Warped Tour in Jacksonville, Florida. That summer Out of Nothing had a few short tours around Florida, which expanded their fan base and popularity[1]; this helped them get their song “Armstrong” on a compilation disc put out by Skacore Records that fall, titled "Sunshine State Ska: Volume 1".

In the spring of 2008, the band went in the studio and professionally recorded Everyone Perishes, their first EP which can be found on Interpunk, CD Baby, and U.S. iTunes Store. Artist, Perviz Heyat[2], did the artwork found on both the sleeve and CD. It got many positive reviews from the media and audience, such as:

...Out of Nothing is on to something: 7 tracks blending punk and ska...They do have a nice 3rd wave thing going on, not unlike a mix of MU330 and Voodoo Glowskulls......Do what you can to get yourself a copy of “Everyone Perishes” because it’s good...[3]

Shortly thereafter the band announced via their MySpace profile that saxophone player, Ortiz, had left Out of Nothing to pursue other interests. However, this event did not make them halt progress. The band continued playing shows regularly[4] and looking for a replacement. In October of 2008 the band announced that Jonathan Rodriguez, formerly of One Way[5] (Clearwater, Florida), was officially the new sax player for Out of Nothing.

Currently the band is working on new material and arranging their Summer 09 tour.

Band members

Current members

Former members



TitleRelease DateLabel
Split with The Rude Robots2006Self-produced
Hate Five Oh2007Self-produced
Everyone Perishes2008Self-produced


TitleRelease DateLabelSongs Contributed
Sunshine State Ska: Volume 12007[6]Skacore Records/ Perfect Wave Records"Armstrong"


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