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Optipictual Art [?p't?·p?k’·?u?l] is a contemporary art medium separate from collages and mosaics as stated by the US Patent Trademark Office.[1] There is only one optipictual artist, Visual Artist Lyric Jones, who is the creator of this innovative art style. Each original optipictual is custom framed, given an exclusive number and a Certifcate of Authenticity. Lyric promotes through traveling and maintains an online store as well as a elaborate optipictual gallery filled with a variety of themes for the convenience of her optipictual supporters that span the globe. [2].

What is Optipictual Art?

Opitipictual Art is a contemporary medium created with tiny pieces of magazine paper and often 3D objects. The word is derived from the combination of optimism (a hopeful solution), picture (imagination of the heart and mind), and (solutions) a visual. Each original optipictual has the official trademark brass heart commonly placed in the lower right corner. Custom prints bear the embossed gold seal. This innovative style has attracted a following from art enthusiasts across the globe. The popular women's publication Cincy Chic interviewed Lyric Jones about the inspirations behind her art. She mentions the idea came as a result of looking for a way to relieve stress, a method to find one's way in this vast universe.[3] As of 2008, Optipictuals have been recognized as a ligament new medium by founders Brian Walker of Chicago's Discovered Artist[4] and Laura Elliot of IATTDA[5] located in the UK.

Lyric Originals®, LLC

This art studio was founded by entrepreneur Lyric Jones, the patient creator and exclusive artist of the unique optipictual medium.[6] The studio site contains an immense gallery of optipictuals that have been widely acclaimed in the US and international art community. Lyric Jones has accomplished getting optipictuals in the homes of numerous well known and local celebrities that include Grammy Winners as well as MLB and NFL players.


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