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Mark Fraser is the executive producer of the Nature Walks with Mark Fraser television series and the creator of the Nature Walks with Mark website.[1] He hosts dozens of conservation efforts, Nature Walks, public speaking engagements and is constantly spreading the message about wildlife conservation.

Mark Fraser

A New England native Mark Fraser has been a passionate and dedicated naturalist and conservationist since childhood. Born in Brattleboro, Vermont in 1970. Mark spent the earliest years of his life in western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. He spent his youth and teenage years in Billerica, Massachusetts and while there began to study the forests and fauna. During these important years he was actually living near a massive town land fill. This caused the town to enforce a strict zone of over a mile of forest lands which covered the entire circumference land fill mound so the winds could not blow trash into the nearby community.

In that forest, there was an unusually high amount of wildlife ecology which existed in the region due to the excess food from wildlife actually feeding on the dump. From packs of wild dogs, to the occasional black bear, and countless snakes. This “green ring” was where Mark spent nearly all his time during his youth. There, predator and prey ecology as well as first hand environmental impacts on nature were daily events. This no doubt made a life long impression on Mark which has given him a deep rooted empathetic view of the natural world. Part Native American (Mohawk and Abenaki) his philosophical views are deeply rooted in Native American traditions of Eastern Woodland “Longhouse” people.[2]

The NatureWalks

In 2005 Mark began hosting public NatureWalks at the Sherburne Nature Center forest area located in Tyngsboro Massachusetts. In 2008 after realizing that some of the public such as elderly and the handicapped could not attend the Nature Walks, Mark began creating “virtual Nature Walks”. Filming and editing, narrating and producing himself, he single handedly created an entire television show. Spreading the message of conservation to millions of viewers, the expediential growth has been amazing as seen by this Front page article recently in the Lowell Sun news paper[3]; Youtube videos and even a congratulatory letter from Massachusetts Senator. [2]


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