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Michal Bucko (born 24th November 1984) is a savant, an entrepreneur, former hacker from Poland. Master of Science in Teleinformatics from Warsaw University of Technology in 2008.

He was finalist of Physics Olympiad,with main interest in Analytic Number Theory. At the end of elementary school,he suffered from cerebral hemorrhage, but three weeks time he recovered to full health and no brain failures have been diagnosed. He received highest scholarship from Warsaw University of Technology.

Michal co-founded Eleytt, company specialized in IT security. He has coordinated highly innovative projects in teleinformatics. He co-coordinates Brain–computer_interface project in Poland. He also manages aiella, 3D virtual community. He was a co-founder of, one of the biggest science-related web sites in Poland. Michal was one of the founders of - the biggest IT security community in Poland.

He has disclosed highly critical software vulnerabilities. Michal is a member of Advisory Board of EvilFingers. He has written articles for Hakin9 magazine and provided consulting for press and TV.

Notable security input

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"Short review of modern vulnerability research"


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