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Matloub Husayn Ali Khan aka Matloob Hussain First came into national and local prominence from 1990 when he appeared on the BBC TV programme, Everyman, programme 'Facing the book' on the Satanic verses controversy & Rushdie Affair aired on 27th May 1990, experiment between different Islamic & Christian Viewpoints watched by millions of viewers. The Radio Times programme listings page for BBC1 on Sunday 27th May, read :[1] Very recently in 2005 his very notable contribution to national anti-racist campaigns, struggles and Asian Youth Movements from the 1980s onward. [1] As most Asian (Muslim) Activists are beginning to say that they are now being called 'Muslims know'. Writer Anandi Ramamurthy in her study 'Archiving the history of a Social Movement: Tandana-Glowworm, The Asian Youth Movements Archive' can bear testimony as a nationally renowned activist [2] As an activist from the Asian (Muslim) community in the last twenty years, which is still suffering from inequality and injustice, is similar too the situation Jesse Jackson from US and Matloub's significant and highly noted contribution in UK in the same category to Jesse Jackson stood for in terms of racial equality and injustice through political activism. [3]He co-edited a book 'Who’d Thought of It? The Changing Face of Sheffield's East End' book published by East End Publishing (ISBN: 0 9517031 0 2), in 1990. Refers to an article he wrote under his my former name (Matloob Hussain) entitled' My life has Turned Full-Circle at pages 99-102. He updated this recently in the Burngreave Messenger [4]A few years ago, he wrote an article on Community Radio in the Burngreave Messenger in 2002.[5]On 16th February 2006, Burngreave Community Radio was awarded a 5 year Community radio licence. See Ofcom awards. [6]By 31st May 2008, Burngreave Community Radio - BCR 103.1fm was on the airwaves through volunteers. See Sheffield Star. [7]Around June 2008, an article entitled: World Music by Matloub, written by Matloub Husayn Ali Khan appeared in the Burngreave Messenger.[8] Matloub Husayn Ali Khan's most notable recent contribution to the naming of a road to "Derek Dooley Way", near Burngreave/Pitsmoor area on the relief road appeared in the Sheffield Star.[9]Then another article in the Burngreave Messenger entitled; "Derek Dooley Football Legend: Born & Bred In Burngreave 'United' Sheffield" was very inspiring to the whole of Sheffield.[10] On 17th June, 2008; Sheffield Star Newspaper along with the Sheffield City Council and other interested parties including ordinary people of Burngreave/Pitsmoor and through notable people like Matloub Husayn Ali Khan; backed the compromise as suggested in the Sheffield Star Newspaper in March 2008. [11]Finally, on 22nd July 2008, the old Cutler's Gate (Relief road section) that now cuts across the old Brunswick Road from Burngreave/Pitsmoor was re-named as "Derek Dooley Way".[12]


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