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Marcus Richard Lambert (born January, 1991) is a teenage radio presenter who resides in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, noted for his incredibly high standard of radio presenting and popularity to a vast audience at a young age. He started out his career in radio as a backstage technical worker and has been gradually moving up to higher levels within the broadcasting industry. His main show is currently based in Reading, Berkshire on 'Blast 1386 Radio Station' and goes under the name of 'The Lambo Show', this takes place between the hours of 9:00 - 11:00am.

Background in Radio

Before his current permanent show on Blast 1386, Marcus Lambert ran radio shows on various community stations, these include, Marlow FM, Cookham FM, Reading Community Radio. Marcus's current show is broadcast to Reading University Campus over 1386 AM and to the world on the internet. The show has proved very popular with students and has played a vital role in student culture throughout the last two years of broadcast.

Marcus plans to continue his career in radio to a higher level and continue to go under the name of 'The Lambo Show'. He also hopes to gain a BA (hons) in Broadcasting within the next few years.


Marcus Lambert gained 'Best Young Presenter' in the Marlow FM awards program and this was awarded by the Marlow FM awards council in June 2009 for his show 'Reflection'. The award was presented to him by the chairman of Marlow FM Ltd for the good presenting skills noticed over the period of time Marcus contributed to on air.


'The Lambo Show'

'The Lambo Show' was started up in 2007 by Marcus himself, it continues to play a big part in the student culture at Thames Valley University in Reading. The show plays many popular tunes focusing on the theme of the 80's, as this is one of the best eras for Marcus. The show has proved a great success and has built a good community of listeners.

The Style of the show is very modern and easy to listen to. Marcus Lambert believes the show is the listeners choice and it should be their requests and comments that determine the direction it goes in and topics spoken about during the two hour featured show.

Show Promotion

Marcus has already got a website for the show and a Myspace, he has recently started a Facebook group too. From the Facebook group, listeners have the chance to show their input to the show and request and thing the might feel necessary and Marcus is always up for improving the show, so any suggestions to this are acceptable.


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