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Lydia was an integral part of a historical event that is featured in the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. Mark Smith, HS won the State championship against overwhelming odds. She cheered her team to victory.

Lydia Mitcham Meredith
Lydia Mitcham Meredith

ChildrenTaylor Meredith, Micah Meredith, and Eddie Meredith
OccupationAmerican Community Organizer Entrepreneur

Lydia Mitcham Meredith born (3 May) is a Community Organizer, Entrepreneur and Civil Rights Activist from Macon, Georgia currently operating a state of the art early childhood development center in downtown Atlanta, Ga. Particularly known for having single-handedly transformed what was once a crime riddled and drug invested 4th Ward neighborhood[1]into a vital and thriving family oriented community. Mitcham earned her MBA from Vanderbilt University's Owens School of Business. She has the distinction of being Vanderbilt University's first cheerleader of African American descent. Lydia is the sixth of thirteen children born to Wilbur Mitcham and Annie M. Mitcham. Lydia was one of the first blacks to integrate the all white Lasseter female high school in Macon, Ga where she had the distinction of being the first black cheerleader for Mark Smith, HS their all white male counterpart. Regarded as a significant accomplishment in the once segregated south. She later graduated from Lasseter, HS with honors and was accepted at Vanderbilt University in 1970. Lydia is a devout Christian. She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


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