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"Elvin Holland" a.k.a Frank a.k.a Lil Stress is the ceo of 187 Mafia Entertainment (187 Mafia Ent) LiL Stress got in freestyling/dj-ing music in 2002 and first uploaded music to the internet in 03. which he met other local and nation wide artists like "Kredible" and "Underground Gangsta" and managed them as solo and as a group. 187 Mafia recorded they first track together called "Packin Slugs"which later on lead to other tracks like "Cold in the Ghetto" ,"Comin At Cha" and "Late Nite Tip" in 2008. Lil Stress is a Rapper/dj/producer and works in artist management/promoting.

(References are on google) and this artist is "Notable" []

--LiLStress314 (talk) 03:15, 16 November 2008 (UTC)


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