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Leicester Blue Sox Baseball Club is an amateur baseball and softball club affiliated to both the British Baseball Federation and the British Softball Federation.


The club was originally formed as the Soar Valley Blue Sox Baseball Club in 2006 and were based at the Soar Valley Leisure Centre, Mountsorrel, Leicestershire.

The idea of forming a new baseball club in the region came from Mark Meredith, who previous played with the now defunct Sileby Vikings Baseball Club (who were also located in the Soar Valley/Charnwood area of Leicestershire).

With the nearest local baseball team being based in Birmingham (Maple Laefs), Meredith started a recruitment campaign initially by placing adverts looking for players in both the Leicester Mercury and Nottingham Post newspapers.

Helped by further exposure on BBC Radio Leicester, Meredith was able to source experienced players and absolute beginners in the region, all with the common goal of wanting the play baseball in the East Midlands. This groups of players formed the inaugural Soar Valley Blue Sox team who started playing friendly games home and away in 2006.

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Official Leicester Blue Sox Baseball Club website [1]


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