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Jirina Mazankova is a brunette, female Czech Pornographic actor active between 2000 and 2003. She worked mainly in the UK but also shot films in the Nederlands, Germany, the Caribbean and France.

She worked for directors and male adult performers such as Karl Kinkaid, Terry Stephens (One Eyed Jack), John Mason (Johnny Rebel), Harry S. Morgan, Calvin Daly, David Perry, Gabriel Pontello, Fiona Cooper and Anna Span, a British female adult film director.

She often only went by her first name but her other aliases (chosen by the filmmakers) include Cora Nugget (for DBM), Coral Nugget, Eva, Georgia (for Videorama), Jivina, Jotei, Joy, and Patricia. She started her career in photo sets and film work for the Seventeen label, run by Video Art Holland

She started off doing very hardcore acts on video such as vaginal Fisting (giving, not receiving), anal sex and double penetration but toward the end of her career settled for solo work or lesbian scenes.

She started in adult films aged 18 and was often cast as a teenager because of her youthful looks, tiny breasts and small frame.  

She appeared in numerous web photo shoots and some magazines as well as over 30 films or tv episodes. 

She has a tattoo of oriental writing on her upper arm. She has a small mole on her left forearm. She has tiny A cup breasts with very large, almost cylindrical nipples that appear permanently erect. She had hair extensions in the 2002 film Hard Day at the Orifice.     

Her filmography can be seen here.


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