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Jamillah A. Shabazz, born in New York, New York, started her career assisting others by working at Residential Treatment Facilities. Ms. Shabazz worked at The Children's Village in Dobbs Ferry, New York and Barry Robinson Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia assisting troubled, emotional-disabled children and their families.

Shabazz (sister of Waleed N. Shabazz, a Bronx MC who's stage name is C-Rayz Walz) is the author of It's Not What it Looks Like, founder of The Healing Center, weekly radio host of Ascended Insights on Inner Light Radio and states to be a professional channel for Light Energy John Christopher, who -according to Shabazz- "is a non physical love-light energy."

Shabazz has assisted people with private sessions and live seminars throughout the country for almost a decade, some which have been compiled into her book It's Not What It Looks Like. Shabazz was a guest, channeling Light Energy John Christopher at Agape International Spiritual Center, home of Michael Bernard Beckwith from The Secret. As well, Shabazz channels Light Energy John Christopher weekly on Inner Light radio for people that are a guest on the show seeking assistance. Shabazz states that through trance-channelling, she is able to bring forth communications from a love-light entity named Light Energy John Christopher (aka JC). In her description of Light Energy John Christopher, she states that he is a being of pure light and love, not having a physical dimensional form in this reality, but based on a higher dimensional realm of co-existence. Shabazz states that through their spiritual agreement they will continue to assist human-kind through Light Energy John Christopher's caring messages of love and self-empowerment to aide in the growth, knowing, spiritual development and oneness of Human-kind.


Jamillah A. Shabazz was born to Rashida P. Shabazz and James Tyson. Shabazz is the eldest of her siblings, Shavon L. Shabazz, Waleed N. Shabazz aka C-Rayz Walz and Rashida E. Shabazz. According to Shabazz she had continuing paranormal experiences growing up as a child, stating her first experience happened at the early age of seven. She conveys her remembrance as being

It's Not What It Looks Like by Shabazz & Light Energy John Christopher

in a non-physical tunnel that kept spinning her around as she was trying to fall asleep. She states that as different paranormal experiences surfaced of seeing and feeling non- physical beings, she received guidance from her Uncle Phillip Settles to embrace her experiences without fear. She explains that she subsequently was connected to a non-physical entity who reveal himself as John Christopher and appeared as a white cloud like figure before her eyes after her meditation. She proclaims he informed her that she would be his channel because she had a prior agreement before coming to Earth to assist human-kind through enlighten messages of empowerment. Shabazz says that she embraced her path and opened the Healing Center in 2003, for which she then began to professionally channel Light Energy John Christopher for people world wide.


It's Not What It Looks Like (2011) Aardvark Global Publishing ISBN 978-1-4276-4926-3


[1] Host of Ascended Insights on Inner Light Radio

[2] Write-up on her book, It's Not What It Looks Like in The Harlem News Group 2011

[3] The Healing Center's web site with Jamillah A. Shabazz and Light Energy John Christopher

[4] Guest appearance at Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles California

[5] It's Not What It Looks Like is sold on Amazon

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