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Hong Fu Pai (???) is a traditional based system of Chinese Kung Fu ??. Incorporating Chinese Hakka fighting styles with Si-fu Chen Jun Li's ??? family system of Hubei Quan ??? martial arts.

At the beginning level the student learns to condition themselves and different parts of the body used for fighting. In addition, they learn many techniques and forms, during this time the student will become more aware of their surroundings.

Intermediate Level, the student learns how to deal with overwhelming odds, learning to overcome more than one attacker. As well as using their skills in simulated yet somewhat controlled combat situations.

At the advanced Level, students will discover their strengths and weaknesses, boundaries and limitations. The student now begins the journey to become a master of the ??? Hong Fu Pai system.

Some of Hong Fu Pai Curriculum ???????

Hong Fu Yat Lo ???? (Red tiger 1st road)

Hong Fu Kuen ??? (Red Tiger fist)

Hong Fu Jik Bo Kuen ????? (Red Tiger Straight Step)

Fong Loy Kuen ??? (Thunder & Lightning Fist)

Ng Bo Toi ??? (Five Step Push)

Tit Kiu Sau ??? ( Iron Bridge hands)

Hong fu Gwo Kiu ???? (Red tiger passes the bridge)

Wu Bak Fong Loy Kuen ????? (Hubei Thunder & Lightning Fist)


Seung Tau Gwan ??? (Double head staff)

Darn Do?? (Single Sabre) Orange Sash

Cheung ??? (Spear) Green Sash

Bei Sau ?? (Double Daggers)

Seung Do ??? (Double Knives)

Sam Jie Gwan ??? (Three section staff)

Seung gwai ?? (Double crutches)

Wu Bak Bo Gim ???? (straight sword)

Gwan Do ?? (Halberd)

Dai Pa ?? (Trident)


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