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Homorazzi is a Blogitorial/Infotainment website based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Originally created on February 12th, 2009, is a joint project by co-creators Donovan Pagtakhan and Patrick Levesque. The site was originally created so that a team of 16 bloggers known as The Cast could document their lives and friends. What started as a reality TV show idea, morphed into a collaboration of different backgrounds, opinions, and lifestyles. is a glimpse into, but not exclusive of, the lives of gay Vancouverites and how they view the world:

"So much is going on in our lives, and in the world around us - this is our voice."[1]

Although the team of bloggers post stories, photos, and videos about celebrity mishaps, as well as each others relationships, helps unite the LGBT neighborhood in Vancouver by providing information of events in the local scene, as well as bringing awareness to concerns surrounding the community itself when needed. With articles posted daily, the website has included coverage on same-sex marriage, petitions to city council to save the local Odyssey Night Club from extinction, and photo montages from rallying against gay bashings and hate crimes in the West End of Vancouver[1]. A portion of the site named Sunday Submissions has allowed readers, local and otherwise, to submit their own written articles with topics of concern aimed primarily towards the queer public. As a local sounding board in the local LGBT community, has helped to contribute in the empowerment and inclusion of sparse Gay and Lesbian Digital Media into the city of Vancouver[2].

One of sixteen bloggers on includes Jonny Staub, Vancouver's first openly gay radio personality.

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