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Hiramanek is a fictional superhero created and portrayed by Akshay Kapoor. He appears in Low Budget C Grade films, often of the same title that are released on YouTube. Hiramanek is the story of a retard who after accidentally having killed a butterfly starts believing that he has supernatural powers.

As a vigilante superhero, Hiramanek's unpopularity is unmatched. He has often, openly challenged fat women to wrestle with him only to get beaten up by them, many times badly hurting himself. During one of these wrestling matches, a fat lady hit him on his balls after he called her "The most beautiful elephant he had ever seen". It was after this incident that Hiramanek started wearing an abdomen protector which he refers to as his "Gehna Guard" and often uses it as a toy while acting as a nurse wearing it over his face. During his other public appearances, Hiramanek has often been seen drinking Chicken Soup in it.

Police have claimed that Hiramanek has many other weapons including a sword and a golden chain which he uses for reasons they have refused to state citing it as "Too vulgar and offensive to be revealed in public."

Hiramanek's mysterious character has attracted many eyeballs. In a recent video posted on a website called (which Hiramanek thought was a site dedicated to Mickey Mouse), he has revealed that he has shot a film with a leading Film Production House playing the "Hero" in that film and that the film will be soon up for release. On Further investigation, it was found that the film has been produced by a certain "Disturbed in the Head" Productions, a team that shoots the lifestyle of mentally unstable people and studies their behaviour. On being contacted, head of the studio and film maker, Aamil Khan said "Hiramanek has amazing screen presence. There's even a sex scene in it. We wanted Kate Winslet to play that role but since she was unavalaible, we have replaced her with a horse."

The film is all set to be released by November End and is being distributed by Nine Point Blank.


Hiramanek was created by Akshay Kapoor [of St Thomas Boys Kidderpore, Kolkata] while he was in the bathroom and was thinking about a new superhero,when he overheard someone shouting out "Manek kothai,suor er bachcha Manek kothai",Manek being the name of a person in his locality.With that name stuck in his head ,he wanted to name the superhero Manek but that didnt sound perfect as it was very short,so as he was walking around his locality a Bengali lady was calling her child "Sona , Hira",[Gold and Diamond],he liked the Hira part and hence by combining the two a new superhero for the new generation was born,namely Hiramanek.

Hiramanek does have an alter ego,Jignesh ,the name came up during a brainstorming session involving Akshay Kapoor,Adil Rashid ,Babla[Soumyadeep Bhattacharya] and Gujju [Bhaveen]Jhutani.They wanted to create an alter ego and since Hiramanek unexpectedly was a gujurati name ,the first name that popped into their heads was Jignesh ,Bhaveen objected vehemently ,which added fule to the fire,apparently Bhaveen's Father's name is Jignesh and when the other 3 got a whiff of this,the name was to stay,hence a poem was also created for JJ [Jignesh Jhutani]

"JJ,wanted to become a DJ. Went for an audition to become an RJ. There he got a lovely BJ. in return he gave a bumper CJ. All in all he became a 'pap-pap' ZJ."

A lot of questions have been posted related to the significance of a few of Hiramanek's accessories ,like his "Joota Bag" and "Chain" The Joota Bag is carried around by the superhero because it contains his tiffin and water bottle,as stated by Akshay Kapoor,since crime does not sleep and neither does crime fighting,Hiramanek is on the job 24/7 so he does feel hungy once in a while and thus to satisfy his hunger during late nights or early mornings ,Hiramanek carries his Joota Bag.

The Chain is a weapon used by Hiramanek but it is actually the Chain Hiramanek uses to chain his bike wherever he goes,the bike being Hiramanek's mode of transportation.

Bio,Powers and Accessories

Name: Hiramanek

Height: 5'7"

Costume: Brown Jacket, brown T-Shirt,Brown Cargo,Rusty Shoes. and HIRAMANEK MASK

Attacking Weapons: Hiramanek Sword,Hiramanek Chain and Fist.

Defence: Hiramanek Gehna Guard,Hiramanek Joota Bag.

Inspiration: Mithun Chakraborty,Suniel Shetty,Quick Gun Murugun.

D.O.B: 11th Sept. 2009(as a Superhero)

Actual D.O.B: 22nd June 1989

Villians Fought: 1

Villians Defeated: 1

Baddies Defeated: 3

Baddies Killed: 2

Casualties : 0

Speciality : Hand-To-Hand Combat


Hiramanek has been influenced by the comical one liners from Indian movies,mostly though from Bengali cinema where a hero often beats up multiple enemies in ludacris fashion.

Video and Media

A preview of the Hiramanek video has been posted on youtube,a full length video of 15 minutes duration is in the works and is due to be released in late November /early December 2009.The video is to be directed by Aamil Khan.


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