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Harri Porten (born 1972) is a software engineer. Porten, a KDE developer and former Trolltech employee, is the CEO of Froglogic, a consultancy company related to Qt development. He currently lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Porten originally wrote the KJS JavaScript engine for Konqueror, the KDE project's file manager and web browser. [1] KJS was eventually used by Apple as the basis for JavaScriptCore. [2] He also contributed to the development of KPPP, the KDE project's Internet dialer.[citation needed]

Porten took part in the development of Qt a GUI toolkit used by Windows, Mac OS X, and X11 developers. [3]

His company Froglogic is known for Squish, a professional cross-platform automated GUI testing framework for applications written using Qt. [4]


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