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Guy Anthony De Marco (b. 1963, New York) is an American author, musician, programmer and teacher. He currently resides on a ranch in northern Colorado with his wife and children.

De Marco writes mostly speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror), as well as non-fiction articles on writing and technology. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association[1] and the International Order of Horror Professionals[2].

Because of his teaching background, De Marco participates in several critiquing and mentoring websites, including Everything2[3], where he served as a content editor and admin; Critters, run by former Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America vice-president Andrew Burt[4]; and [5]. He also writes short articles on writing, such as his article on using accents in stories[6] and his humorous struggle with his (undead) writing muse in My Muse is Dead, published by OG's Speculative Fiction[7], who noted, "They say there is a very thin line between ordinary and creative. It’s just a matter of how you look at things. A great piece of writing." This article was voted one of the top 25 articles in the 2007 Preditors and Editors poll[8]. He also reviews useful software for authors, particularly free, open source versions[9]. AnthologyBuilder has several of his short stories in their catalog, which only carries pro-pay, previously published work[10]. maintains an author group forum for De Marco, but it is rarely used[11].

De Marco spent his childhood in New York City and in a small Adirondack town, Lake Luzerne. He uses this background effectively in his short stories, particularly in the urban lycanthrope story Streetwalker and the rural ghost story Treasures.

In the mid-1980's, De Marco was a member of the band Prickly Heat and Raw Sewage, a Weird Al Yankovic-like group that made fun of the popular 'Hair Bands' of the time. De Marco played drums, and contributed vocals and collaborative lyrics to songs like Nuke the Whales and The Dead Rose. He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers [12]. De Marco recorded Milla Jovovich's band, Plastic Has Memory, at Luna Park in Hollywood[13], and the recordings were released through Milla's official website, They are the only known recordings of the band, with the exception of one song on the Hollywood Goes Wild benefit album.

De Marco wrote game software for the Radio Shack TRS-80 personal computer. He sold copies through advertisements in small zines and (later) Bulletin Board systems (BBS's). Catchbox, RacerMax and Kindergarten Fun were popular, but his best seller (at 1,750 copies, a lot considering the date and method of advertisement) was Return to Horror House, a text-based adventure game that incorporated moving graphics[14]. He switched from programming to hardware, and currently works as a consultant in the Information Technology field. De Marco also taught Computer Science classes for Front Range Community College and CollegeAmerica in Fort Collins, Colorado, and taught helicopter avionics classes for the United States Navy.


Short Stories

  • (1979) Vork, New New York Tales
  • (1980) Sallie the Baker, Adirondack Stories
  • (1991) Treasures, Regional Ghost Stories
  • (2001) Sands, Fin de Siecle contest first place winner
  • (2007) Streetwalker, Serpentarius Magazine[15]
  • (2007) Beat a Retreat, Tiny Lights[16]
  • (2007) The Mobius Stripper, 6S
  • (2008) Home, Necrotic Tissue[17]
  • (2008) Troubles, Necrotic Tissue[18]
  • (2008) Journey, Literary Fever
  • (2008) Vultures, AlienSkin Magazine[19]
  • (2008) Angelic, Yellow Mama
  • (2009) Steaks, Everyday Fiction

Collections and Anthologies

Nonfiction Articles

  • (2000) Newbie Unix PW-LS, Attrition[22]
  • (2007) My Muse is Dead, OG's Speculative Fiction
  • (2008) Understanding Accents, Visions Magazine, Issue 43
  • (2008) Sonor2: Tracking Those Subs, Visions Magazine, Issue 44


  • (2008) Regional Map for the SFWA, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) New Members Handbook


  • (1983) The Dead Rose, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton (ASCAP)
  • (1983) Nuke the Whales, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton (ASCAP)
  • (1984) In Concert Special, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton (ASCAP)


  • Catchbox, PentaGraphics, TRS-80
  • RacerMax, PentaGraphics, TRS-80
  • Kindergarten Fun, PentaGraphics, TRS-80
  • Return to Horror House, PentaGraphics, TRS-80

External links

  • [1] Official Website
  • [2] Everything2 Homenode
  • [3] FanStory Homenode
  • [4] Horror Writers Association


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