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Gone is the new single from singer-songwriter Sarey Savy. It has not hit any national chart nor hit any websites containing charts just yet. The original plan of the release is October 16, 2009.


The picture was taken with a T-Mobile Dash as show in the picture, then reedited later. Although the singer says there might be an additional cover, but hasn't confirmed it yet.


On Sarey's official music page Sarey has said "Gone" has been uploaded to his official Soundclick, and Jamglue page [1] [2]. The preview is about 0:49 and is a Dance-Pop, Sad Song type of song. For some reason a instrumental of the song was released to Jamglue. Sarey says "I just wanted the crowd to get a good feeling of my new sound". The lyrics have been submitted to a website however the website didn't approve the lyrics.

Chart (2009)Peak Position
Canadian Hot 100TBA


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