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Gabrielle Geiselman (born February 6, 1972 in San Francisco, California) is an American Photographer

Life and work

Geiselman was born and raised in San Francisco. She studied photography at the San Francisco Art Institute from 1994-1997. She also attended CalArts and the Boston Conservatory of Music. She began taking photographs at local nightclubs in the early 90's in San Francisco to put herself through school. In 1998, Geiselman shot the cover of Live at the Roxy for Social Distortion (TimeBomb Records). She has since worked with several bands doing photography including Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and The Sex Pistols. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Covers and photography

Blueland - Blueland (1997)

Social Distortion -Live at the Roxy (Social Distortion album) (1998)

Goldfinger (band) - Darrin's Coconut Ass: Live from Omaha (1999)

Piggy D - The Evacuation Plan (2007)

Social Distortion - Greatest Hits (2007)

Rob Zombie - Zombie Live (2007)

John 5 (guitarist) - The Devil Knows My Name (CD and DVD)(2007)

John Boutte - Good Neighbor (2008)

John 5 (guitarist) - Requiem (John 5 album) (2008)

Alice Cooper -Along Came a Spider (Alice Cooper album) (2008)

Photography ad campaigns

Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler for Samson/Zoom

Piggy D for Zoom

John 5 for Zoom (H3)

George Lynch for Zoom

John 5 for Marshall Amps

John 5 for Fender

Piggy D for Fender

John 5 for GHS Strings


[1] Album Photography credits from MSN music

Artist Direct Album Photography credits from Artist Direct

Alice Cooper's Endorsement photography for Fender Guitars (John 5 and Piggy D both of Rob Zombie)

john John 5 photography for "Devil Knows My Name" and "Requiem"

Gabrielle Geiselman website/portfolio Official Biography

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