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FlashQard is a spaced repetition software to improve your learning process. The first release was made on 12th of May 2008 by Shahab Shirazi.

FlashQard uses the well known repetition method, called the Leitner System.

Leitner System (proposed by Sebastian Leitner in the 1970s) is one the most efficient methods for learning. The advantage of this method is that you can focus on the most difficult flashcards. The result is, ideally, a reduction in the amount of study time needed.


According to the official website:

  • Free and open source software (GPL License).
  • Arranges flashcards in different categories.
  • Different types of flashcard for different purposes.
  • An advanced text editor for editing rich text.
  • Infinite number of images can be inserted inside each flashcard.
  • Can fetch appropriate images from internet (Google images).
  • Unicode support.
  • Can save all flashcards (even images) within a single file in XML format. Therefore, it can be carried and used elsewhere.
  • Supports KVTML and CSV file formats.
  • Import and merge other files.
  • Records every answer to each flashcard for analysis.
  • [Auto]Pronounce as you go through your cards (“espeak” program should be installed).
  • Displays you which flashcards should be reviewed during the session (but it doesn't persuade you to review only those).
  • Search for flashcards (title/contents. Regular Expressions are also supported).
  • Drag and drop cards, images, text from anywhere.
  • Available for GNU/Linux and MS Windows.
  • Fully customizable review.
  • Available in other languages.

Software implementation

FlashQard is written in C++ using Qt toolkit. It officially works on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.

All the cards, images and statistical information can be saved into one single file in XML format. Therefore it can be carried elsewhere. Some databases are also available in the website.

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