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Elctrikchair is a progressive jazz metal band that originated in Denver, Colorado in 2003 and is currently based in Lawrence, Kansas. The current bandmembers are: lead guitar: Andrew [Andy] J. Rodriguez, drums/percussion: Robert [Bobby] F. Rodriguez and bass: Charles [Charlie] Long. Elctrikchair is a global music phenomenon that uniquely blends the best of every metal genre and combines it with bunglish style, beethovenish classical genius, legendary jazz and 'punk-grind' sophisticated international political swagger. Elctrikchair is credited with originating a fresh idea, a rejuvenating sound, a brand new metal genre called: 'Progressive Jazz Metal.'

In light of the many premature losses the music industry has suffered over the years and the many artist-musicians who, in retrospect would have chosen a different path. Elctrikchair doesn't judge the actions of others but is firmly opposed to illegal drug use and committed to building a legacy of the best metal possible for its many deserving fans around the world.


Elctrikchair originated in Denver, Colorado in 2003. In 2008, the band relocated to the midwest, Lawrence, Kansas where it is based currently. Elctrikchair has toured across the United States and performed internationally at Vancouver, Canada's, Picadilly Pub. Elctrikchair live performances have included: Marky Ramone and The Misfits, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation, 3 Inches of Blood, Black Dahlia Murder and numerous other metal bands. Elctrikchair continues to tour across the United States and may soon perform at other international locations. In 2009 Elctrikchair achieved their goal and were signed to music giant Blastzone Entertainment Group which is partnered with Nightmare and Chavez Records.


Current members

  • Andrew J. Rodriguez 'Andy' - Lead guitar/vocals
  • Robert F. Rodriguez 'Bobby' - Drums/support vocals
  • Charles Long 'Charlie' - Bass

Former members

  • Eloy Fernandez - Bass guitar
  • Steve Stanulonis - Bass guitar
  • Quinton Spitler - Bass guitar


Studio and Live Albums

  • Xenophobia (2009)
  • Citicorpse (2007)
  • CBGBS Live (2006)


  • Thrash Militia (2003)
  • Eternity Into Darkness (2004)

EPs and splits

  • Twilight of War (2008)


Reception of Elctrikchair has generally been high, with Elctrikchair usually selling out at shows played.

NYDM metal music reviewer, Phil Webb aptly describes his EC experience, "A-10 gattling gun double bass drumming, brilliant melodic guitar riffs, brutal shredding and deadly evil vocal attacks!"

"All in all this is death metal done in the traditional key and fairs all the better for it. This is a prime example of how death metal should be done."'s, Tim Pigeon (2005).


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