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Einy Shah (born 1990) is a British journalist for Write Here Right Now and an activist for The Conservative Party. She was recently recruited on the Mayor of London's Peer Outreach Team.

Write Here Right Now

Einy is a reporter for the core-editorial team of Write Here Right Now (WHRN), it consists of 12 young people aged between 13-19 who are based within Greater London.WHRN is an initiative that both funded and supported by the Department of International Development& UKAid. [1]

WHRN was initially under the alias of 'DfID Youth Reporters' and whilst they are still both funded and supported by DfID, there is a new batch that have since been recruited. Under the original youth reporting team, teenagers across this group were thoroughly involved with the London Summit with a mandate of stability and growth.[2]. Upon bring featured in the free Londom-based newspaper, The Metro, the reporters exposure grew alongside media interest.[3]

Einy has reported on various events for WHRN such as the counter G-20 conference, interviewing Jon Cruddas MP and Billy Hayes[4]alongside reporting on mass marches such as The Wave, organised by Stop Climate Chaos[5] This highly marketed march was attended by Ed Miliband[6] ahead of the anticipated Copenhagen Summits.

Two of the fellow reporters were recently featured in the gossip magazine, Bliss. A video filmed by the WHRN reporters was featured on the Access All Areas branch of the populated website. [7]. The footage was taken from MTV's play to stop concert at the Copenhahen summits, a corportation between MTV and the European Commission.

WHRN have been involved with 1Goal[8], a global campaign promoting education in less developed states such as Africa. This campaign has been backed by world leaders and people of high public opinion such as Rio Ferdinand and Queen Rania[9]

In the coming months, WHRN will be covering events such as 'Fairtrade Fortnight' and 'London Fashion Week.'[10]

Related Work

Whilst studying within London [11], Einy is employed on Mayor of London's Peer Outreach Team[12]The Peer Outreach Workers are employed by the Greater London Authority[13]on casual basis to lead and support youth related projects. They work with government bodies including the police and health to improve services for young Londoners.

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