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DiBella's Pizza Shop is a small family owned pizzeria, located at 55 Washington Avenue, Kingston, New York. It was founded in 1998, and eleven years later it is probably the most popular small pizza shop within the area and as far as 25 minutes away.

The Foundation

DiBellas's Pizza Shop was founded in January 1998, by the DiBella family. Mrs. DiBella's family had largely been involved with the restaraunt and pizza business, while Mr. DiBella had been a mason and carpenter, carrying on his family and his father's business. After the building was purchased by the DiBellas, the former deli and meat market was transformed into a small pizza shop. DiBella's Pizza Shop was originally mostly a take-out and delivering business, being that inside there was only four, two seater tables. In the beginning there were only four or five employees, along with Mr. and Mrs. DiBella. The food at DiBella's quickly won over the local neighborhood, yet orders from as far as Port Ewen, NY were also received. Most all of the costomers continued to come back to DiBella's, and yet new costomers poured in every day.

The Expansion

DiBella's Pizza Shop stayed a single location business, but in 2005, the barber, that rented the other portion of the building since before the arrival of the pizza shop, had left. He found a new location that was better for him and his business. So, what did the DiBella family do?, they cut a large opening into the wall, and expanded. They transformed the barber shop into a seating area, to make their business a delivering, take-out, and now seating service. Now several costomers come and dine in the new area regularly. The new section acquired four, four seater booths, along with one two seater, and also a restroom. The old section still had three, of the previous four two seaters.

Eleven Years Later

Since the start the DiBella family has had several of the same employees. All of which are local families from the neighborhood. A few have left and a few have come, but they have all been around or were around for several years. Almost all of the costomers have stayed loyal to DiBella's, coming in regularly for eleven years straight, and still new costomers pour in to the small pizzeria. Still the small pizza shop is not only supported by the local costomers, they still deliver 15-35 minutes away. All of the costomers and the employees have become a second family to the DiBella's since most have been around since the start. The family has been a big part of the business, as Mr. and Mrs. DiBella have been working there themselves regularly, and their son has worked at the shop since 2002, when he was only eight years old. He too has been a big part of the business working regularly, and now he is nearly fifteen years old and can probably run the store almost on his own, after eleven years of practicing. Starting in 2008, even the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. DiBella have began to help with a few minor things at the pizza shop. Now the small pizza shop is one of the most popular pizzerias within 25 minutes of the area.

The Menu

The menu at DiBella's Pizza Shop has not drastically undergone changes, as only a few items were added and a few were removed. Still the menu that was created by the DiBella's, contains the same main categories that it did eleven years ago: Showcase Pizza, Strombolis, Calzones, Pizza Rolls, Personal and Mini Pizza, Slices, Hot Subs, Cold Subs, Specialty Sandwiches, Clubs, Entrees, Appetizers, Salads, Cold Cuts, and of course Beverages. Fresh Boar's Head Provision Company meats are used at DiBella's, and just about everything on the menu are homemade recipies, created by the family.

The Store Hours

DiBella's Pizza Shop has had the same store hours since day one. They are: Monday - Saturday: 11am-9pm and Sunday: Closed (Family Day)

The Family Heritage

Mrs. DiBella's family migrated over from Benevento, Italy, near Napoli. Mr. DiBella's family also migrated from Italy. His mother's family from Calabria, and his father's from Castiglione di Sicilia, in the Province of Catania.


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