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David Joy (born 1983), an American memoirist and short story writer, is the author of Growing Gills: A Fly Fisherman's Journey.[1] Joy was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, studied literature at Western Carolina University, and received an MA in professional writing from Western Carolina University under the direction of writers Ron Rash, Pamela Duncan (novelist), and Deidre Elliott. His creative nonfiction has appeared in numerous magazines and journals including Bird Watcher's Digest, Smoky Mountain Living, and the Wilderness House Literary Review.[2] Joy currently serves as a staff writer and columnist for the Crossroads Chronicle in Cashiers, North Carolina.[3] Joy currently lives in Glenville, North Carolina.



  • Growing Gills: A Fly Fisherman's Journey

Magazine Publications

  • "Tired and Feathered." Bird Watcher's Digest 31.2 (Nov/Dec 2008): 80-82.[4]
  • "Breaking in the Cork." The Wilderness House Literary Review 4.1 (Spring 2009): 1-9.[5]
  • "Native." Smoky Mountain Living 9.4 (Summer 2009): 54-56.[6]
  • "Sound of Silence." Smoky Mountain Living 10.1 (Winter 2010): 42-45.[7]
  • "Creatures of Fire." Smoky Mountain Living 10.3 (Summer 2010): 44-47.[8]


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