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David B. Phillips, is an internationally recognized medical inventor who holds several patents, and, received the Inventor of the Year Award in 1986 for the Infrared Ear Thermometer. In 2007 he received the Heartbeat of America Award [1]. Dr. Phillips is an instructor at The American College of Physical Medicine and editor of their journal. Among his most recognized inventions are:

  • The FirsTemp ear thermometer(1984) (History of thermometry)
  • The ReBuilder for neuropathy (2002)
  • The Phillips Molluscum Treatment System (2001)
  • The GST System for the Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer (1976)
  • SilverCure for molluscum Contagiosum (2006)
  • Diabetic Silver Mouthwash toothpaste alternative for diabetics (2006)
  • Silver Body Wash (2006)
  • Silver Shampoo (2006)
  • The Blazer fireplace place insert
  • The Healing Pen
  • Phillips Liposomal Integrated Supplement
  • Electronic Allergy Detector
  • VeinAppear for veinipuncture

Phillips is Chairman of the Board of ReBuilder Medical, Inc. and has 4 children and 5 grand children. David is a motorcycle enthusiast.

Dr. Phillps is also involved in research of Wheat Allergies.


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