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Chitral Today is an online English newspaper published from Chitral, Pakistani,[2] News which publishes news, articles, comments and provides an open platform to its readers to debate issues concerning the most backward areas of Chitral and Kalash valleys.[3] Chitral Today was originally launched on April 7, 2007, as in both English and Urdu languages. However, the Urdu section was closed in November 2011, and the site was re-launched as on March 21, 2012. Zar Alam Khan Razakhel, an Islamabad-based Chitrali journalist, is the founder, owner and editor of Chitral Today.[4]


In Chitral,[5] a mountainous valley of Pakistan spreading over 14,850 square kilometers and inhabited by about 500,000 people, there is no major printed newspaper except Chitral Vision. Though there are one or two FM radio stations, they only cover a small town area. With the spread of electricity and the installation of wireless telephones in the far-off villages, people of Chitral, especially the youth, have got access to the Internet and they are widely using this facility for social interaction and educational purposes. Besides, Khow people living out of Chitral always remain in search of any news from their hometown. Keeping these factors in view, Chitral Today was launched with the mission of providing the people of Chitral with a healthy, decent, professional, impartial, unbiased, dynamic, fearless and vibrant platform to create awareness of their basic rights, culture, history, traditions, values, languages and to keep them abreast of all local, national and international issues/events. Chitral Today provides its readers a platform to debate, discuss issues, share comments, views and suggestions without any hindrances. The purpose of this News Website is to ensure free flow of information and exchange of ideas by removing all kinds of barriers. This initiative will ultimately also help the Khow people of Chitral in preserving their centuries-old cultures, values, traditions and languages and promoting them at the national and international levels. Those behind Chitral Today are professional and working media persons as well as citizen journalists and have no economic, political, religious or any other objectives other than that mentioned above.

Chitral Today has debated some of the burning issues of Chitral that remained out of discussion like a taboo in the past. It is the honour of Chitral Today that it has been appreciated for objective and fearless reporting by all sections of society and was also nominated for the Knight International Journalism Award 2013 by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), Washington, USA.

—Rehmat Aziz Chitrali, Journalist, Author, Language & Culture Researcher at Khowar Academy, Khowar Academy[6]’’


Columnists and Reporters[edit]

Rehmat Aziz Chitrali, Zulfiqar Ahmad (an Islamabad-based Chitrali journalist, associated with daily Business Recorder), Shafiqur Rahman, Sajjad Ali Shah, Gul Hamaad Farooqui, Waqar Ahmed (Chitral), Munir Hussyn Fatimi (Zait, Reshun/Booni), Alhaj Muhammad Khan (Charun/Booni), Jehanzeb Khan (Drosh), Syed Nazir Hussain Shah (Chitral), Javeed Farooqi (Peshawar) and Karram Illahi are the writers and correspondents for Chitral Today and acknowledged associates of Zar Alam Khan Razakhel.[7]


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