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Books is a world renowed 3 player game in which the object of the game is to throw books as far down a table as possible, without it falling off the end. Players are sat in a row perpendicular to the tables and 1.1 meters from the lip of the first table. 3 points are awarded for getting a book furthest down the table without it falling off, 1 point for second furthest and 0 points for anything off the tables or behind the other 2 books. All scoring is done when all books have come to rest and the scorers decision is final.


Books is said to have been invented by scholars of belper sixth from center in 2008. Books was played with any sort of book that people could get their hands on, but is now played with university prospecti accepted by the BA (Books Association). The inventors of books are to this day remembered as iconic legends of the sport. Books was played in the sixth form study room which is also where it was invented. A session of books is compiled of many games during a timed period decided between both scorer and players before the match. However, certain competitions have maximum time restrictions.


Books swap after each game

The same books must be used throughout a session

Book tampering is prohibited

In the event of two players throwing their books off the table in a game, they must 'book off' in the next game. This means they must throw their books at the same time when the player that stayed on the table in the previous round says "books". any hesitation in throwing is penalised.

If all players miss the table then a 'book off' is done for all players and the scorer will say "books"

In the last and first game of session a 'book off is done by all players and the scorer says "books" to initiate the throws

The scorers decision is final

3 points for a win, 1 point for second and 0 points awarded for a book off the table or behind the other books

The tables can be set in anyway that the players agree on apart from the final day of any tournament when the classic 'T' formation must be the set up

Each player is allowed a sub booker to play for them if they are not present at a session, however this constitutes a 5 point deduction off that days score. If the a sub booker is used consecutively then 10 points is deducted, 5 points is added on to the deductioin for each consecutive absence of the proffesional player. for example, if the sub booker was used 4 consecutive times then on that day the player would start on -20 points.

The furthest part of the book is where it is measured from.

The player with the most amount of points at the end of the session/competition is the winner.

Players must have the back of the chair facing the tables.

All 4 chair legs must be in contact with the floor whilst hand are on a book


The pro circuit has 3 major competitions and there is 1 rookie competition that all can apply for. The first competition on the pro circuit is the pre october 3 day test. This is followed by Premier League Books. Finally the last competition on the pro circuit is the lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring post november 4 day christmas special. The pre october 3 day test is divided into 3 sessions held over 3 days. Whoever has the most amount of points after all sessions is the winner. Premier league books is held over 3 weeks with a week break between the second and third week. 5 sessions are held in a week and the winner of the five sessions in that week is the player with the most points that week. The overall winner of premier league books is the player with the most points over the 3 weeks. the lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring post november 4 day christmas special has the same format as the pre october 3 day test but lasts for 4 days instead of 3. The rookie competition is the BA cup. this lasts up to a month with 5 rounds and is done in a knockout format culminating to a final. professional players are seeded during this competition.

Competition winners and awards

Pre october 3 day test current champion: Stuart Marshall

Premier League Books week 1 current champion: Bryn Carnelly

Premier League Books week 2 current champion: Stuart Marshall

Premier League Books week 3 current champion: Stuart Marshall

Premier League Books current champion: Stuart Marshall

Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring post november 4 day christmas special current champion: Stuart Marshall

BA cup current champion: N/a

BA player of the year 2008: Stuart Marshall

number of consecutive wins in one session: Stuart Marshall

Longest standing world number 1: Stuart Marshall

Most improved Books player 2008: Josh Potter

Highest score in a single session: Bryn Carnelly

Best newcomer 2008: Bryn Carnelly

Rookie of the year: James Leatherland

Books Association

The Books Association is the official governing body of Books. It was set up by Books lovers and Books proffesionals. currently on the Board of Books are

Stuart Marshall: Proffesional Books player

Josh Potter: Proffesional Books player

Bryn Carnelly: Proffesional Books player

James Leatherland: Books Rookie

Richard Guion: Head scorekeeper

The Books Association was founded in 2008

Books proffesionals

World number 1: Stuart Marshall; sub booker, Richard Guion

World number 2: Josh Potter; sub booker, Heidi Meynell

World number 3: Bryn Carnelly; sub booker, James Leatherland


In 2009, the BA cup had to be postponed due to a banning order on the game. The ban also threatened Stuart Marshall's sub extra income which forced him into an early retirement, however he came out of retirement as soon as the ban was lifted.

Old Books by laws

The winner of a competition wins the anthill mob T-shirt for 1 week

The winner of a competition can claim a pint on the following friday from his opponents

Books takes priority of the arena


"Books rules" the official rulebook for books.

"Books archive" the official documents containing all pro stats, averages and tournoment results.

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