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Boat Angel Family Films is an American non-profit movie and television show production organization founded by Brian Stewart, and based in Mesa, Arizona, United States. Boat Angel Family Films is part of the Boat Angel non-profit organization, which finances its activities by selling used donated sailboats, powerboats, fishing boats, and all other watercraft. Boat Angel funds outreach centers all over the world. Movies and television shows produced by Brian Stewart and Boat Angel demonstrate Christian values and lessons for children and young people.[1]


Sugarbaby poster.
Christian film 'Sugarbaby' screens in Houston as an official selection at the Worldfest Houston Int'l Film Festival.

Boat Angel Outreach Center has produced television shows and full-length award-winning films, including:[2]

  • Fallen Legends: A tale of drug use, downfall and redemption.
  • Federal Case: A high school football star impregnates his girlfriend. The film explores teenage pregnancy and consequences to family, friends and the young parents' futures.
  • Red Corvette: Explores the reasons that teenagers decide to experiment with drugs and the consequences of doing so.
  • Sugar Baby: Set in Calcutta, this film deals with homelessness and a hopeless situation.
  • King's Man: Explores kidnapping, child-trafficking and child enslavement.
  • Fallen Idols: Four professional skateboarders battle drug abuse and criminal activity.
  • The Adventures of Donkey Ollie: A children's series featuring Donkey Ollie, a lovable donkey who demonstrates Bible lessons through his animated adventures.


In 2008, Boat Angel Family Films received an award for "Best Feature Animation" at the International Family Film Festival for its animated series The Adventures of Donkey Ollie.[3]

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